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(2014.12.17) ユナイトライト EP (Ange Vierge - L.I.N.K.s - Unitelight) (iTunes M4A V0)

  • ![alt text](http://i66.tinypic.com/2vty82p.jpg "L.I.N.K.s Unite Light")

    (This torrent was uploaded by me in the old Nyaa site, but in this new page isn't available, for this reason I'll upload this again
    The others torrents stay in this page, and the admins added them to my current account)

    Hi again! I'm here again! In this time I'll upload this EP/Single of the Ange Vierge franchise, I think that this song is for a online TCG game or something

    Japanese tracklist:
    01. ユナイトライト
    02. ユナイトライト (4人 Ver.)
    03. ユナイトライト (Instrumental)
    04. ユナイトライト (4人 Ver.) (Instrumental)

    Romaji tracklist:
    01. Unitelight
    02. Unitelight (4-ri Ver.)
    03. Unitelight (Instrumental)
    04. Unitelight (4-ri Ver.) (Instrumental)

    Thanks to [email protected] for helping me to buy this single!
    Ok, this is all, enjoy the single!

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