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[170726] KiraKira✩Precure à la Mode Vocal Album - Cure A La Mode✩A La Carte [MP3]

  • KiraKira✩Precure à la Mode Vocal Album (MJSA-1221) with scans and videos.

    A big shout out to [anon] for their great work subbing the anime! Also, let me apologize in advance for any mistakes I've made.

    A few notes regarding file names:

    04. Soul Believer ~Wild・Azure・Version~: I considered using 'Azur' (à la Côte d'Azur) but ultimately went with 'Azure.'

    07. Harapeko☆Happy Deco♡Donuts: I originally used a different heart between 'Deco' and 'Donuts' but it caused problems with the MP3 metadata so I changed it. There is a text file with the original name if anyone is interested.

    08. Caramel Days: I went with 'Caramel Days' since it seemed most fitting, but it may very well be a pun (Karamerude izu).

    Any help seeding is always greatly appreciated.

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