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[181212] LiSA 14th Single - Akai Wana (who loves it?)/ADAMAS ("Sword Art Onlineː Alicization" OP) [MP3]

  • ![alt text](http://i65.tinypic.com/2gt92x5.jpg)

    "Akai Wana (who loves it?)", "ADAMAS", "Spicy World", "Akai Wana (who loves it?) -Instrumental-" & "Akai Wana (who loves it?) -MUSiC CLiP-" from VVCL-1370~1

    "i/f", "ADAMAS -Instrumental-", "ADAMAS -TV ver.-", "ADAMAS -MUSiC CLiP-" & "ADAMAS -Sword Art Onlineː Alicization non-credit opening-" from VVCL-1373~4

    I'll apologize in advance for any stupid mistakes (I always seem to make at least one in every release).

    Any help seeding is always greatly appreciated.

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