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Isseifuubi Sepia -mini collection-

  • This is a mini collection of three CDs by awesome 80s kayoukyoku supergroup Isseifuubi Sepia - aka. the epitome of MANLINESS. Most know only 'Yogorechimatta Kanashimi ni' and 'Ikujidai arimashite' from Sakigake!! Otokojuku, but they have lots of other great songs, like 'Michi kara no Kumikyoku', 'KA CHOU FUU GETSU', 'Sai wo Fure' and very awesome 'Kami no Setsuri wo Shira-saretamou', just to name some.

    These OSTs are my personal rips from my own CDs, mp3v0, but I might do lossless someday as well. Anyways, enjoy this treat!

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