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妖神记 Yao Shen Ji 1-213 Tales of Demons and Gods

  • Doing it for myself to read it offline but thought that there might be people interested in it.

    Arranged and renamed for easier browsing with my own concept of the different story arcs in the show, compared to each chapter per folder.

    Just doing on my spare time and convenience.

    Segregated Arcs (Assumption)
    Arc 1 - Road to Cultivation (1-37)
    Arc 2 - The Treasure Hunt (38-69)
    Arc 3 - Examinations and Going Home (70-107)
    Arc 4 - City Lord’s Mansion (108-144)
    Arc 5 - Abyss Prison Realm (145-174)
    Arc 6 - The Demon Beast Horde (175-186)
    Arc 7 - The Rebellion (187-213) Latest

    Hope you like it.

    Source from: http://www.buka.cn and http://www.manhuatai.com

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