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  • ![K-On](https://meownime.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/keon-s2-750x410.jpg)

    Hello, there, leechers and whatnot of Nyaa, I have a really nice treat for you today. Here you go.

    As you've seen already, (I would guess, given you're also reading this) I'm bringing you all the 100% complete K-On! music collection. Or what I think to be 100% complete after a bit of research and a lot of time trying to find every single album there is.

    I've compiled the collection through three main sources: 90% from a link in a forum (not up to date, so I had to find the rest elsewhere), a few albums from Nipponsei and the rest from an sketchy-ass looking russian page. Though, credit where it's due, with a very nice layout and well formatted table of the torrent's contents, which where actually EVERYTHING, but given I already had most of it, I didn't bother downloading repeated content. Before hitting the mother lode, I perused even more sketchy blogs and chinese pages (which I strongly advise you don't do, leave the tinkering to the foolish like me) and almost gave up and left the torrent halfway complete. But here we are.

    The collection has every item listed in [this wiki page](https://k-on.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_K-ON!_Albums), as far as I know. But I can't vouch for the overall quality of the audio, given I didn't even listen to two full songs, though I believe they're fine.

    I've deleted some files (txt's and other useless bullshit) so there's no crap lying around, renamed a few folders to have consistent naming schemes (except audio files, they're untouched) and reformatted the folder structure to have a "Scans" folder wherever the album had any scans (so if you want nothing other than the music you can safely delete all "Scans" folders and call it good).

    Thanks to: the kind forum guy and his link for being awesome, [Nipponsei](https://nipponsei.minglong.org/releases/) for the very helpful tracker and the few items I borrowed from them and the russian guys for the absolute unit of a torrent.

    PS: Mio best girl

    PPS: if you are worried the files might have viruses coming from where they come, don't worry, I too was worried, so I checked them all with AVG and nothing popped up. Don't know how much you can trust it, but it's better than nothing


    If it turns out I'm wrong and there's more than this, someone finds better sources and tells me or there's any file corrupted or infected (especially this two) I MAY do a reupload with the updated batch, but don't count on it. Have a nice day

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