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[Shinon] New Game! ニューゲーム 第09巻

  • ***Aoba x Hotaru confirmed?***

    Decided to try out Bookwalker for once. So I yes, I DID take the time [2 Weeks!] to get this zip up.
    If you want me to rip your shit, ping me on discord.

    Here are my notes for this upload:
    - Original files.
    - Bookwalker Rip. Cover is directly from their servers though.

    News about Releases:
    - I decided to set myself 1 month after a manga/book. I would like people to buy manga more often then ripping it off. I hope you would understand why I would do that and not rage in the comments about how I'm being unfair.

    Mmm... [Patreon](https://www.patreon.com/shinon71)...
    [Your allowed to use this rip for scanlations. I'm not stopping you :P]

    **As per usual, support the creators, buy it!**

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