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  • [Nemuri] Ōhashi Ayaka 大橋彩香 (2014-2019) Discography / Music Collection [15 CDs] [MP3]

    ***I don't create discographies on commission, I'm sorry. With the exception of very few torrents (practically those that do not have a FLAC version), my every other torrent comes from original CDs that I have bought. If you find any other errors or oversights, please let me know. They will be corrected at the next torrent update. Thanks for collaboration.***

    Ver. [2019.08.09]
    - [2019.08.06] ダイスキ。

    Ver. [2019.07.13]
    - I have fixed some typos
    - I have identified and removed some unnecessary system files (for example: desktop.ini). This discography is quite old and some of these files were generated automatically by the old operating systems.

    Ver. [2019.05.17]
    - [2019.05.15] Give Me Five!!!!! ~Thanks my family♡~ ***[Digital Single]***

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