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大正ロマンチカ 第01-21巻 [Taishou Romantica vol 01-21]

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    Title: 大正ロマンチカ 第01-21巻 [Taishou Romantica vol 01-21]
    Other title: Taisho Romantica, 大正ロマンチカ, 大正古董浪漫谭
    Status: Ongoing
    Author: ODAWARA Mizue
    Genre: Comedy Drama Historical Josei Romance Slice of Life
    Language: JP
    Des: Mei Takigawa, the daughter of a late great forger, goes to the palace of Duke Ranswell to try to recover a brooch forged by his father. The duke agrees to return the brooch to her; before this happens, however, Mei will have to behave as if she were his bride until he is in Japan.

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