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クロザクロ 第01-07巻 [Kurozakuro vol 01-07]

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    Title: クロザクロ 第01-07巻 [Kurozakuro vol 01-07]
    Other title: (一般コミック) [夏目義徳] クロザクロ; Чёрный Гранат; クロザクロ
    Status: Complete
    Author: NATSUME Yoshinori
    Language: JP
    Des: Sakurai Mikito is a wimp who is constantly bullied and never fights back, as he doesn't want to hurt others.This all changes when a mysterious sphere enters him - Zakuro. He soon begins to feel different feeling desires to eat... humans. Is he still human, or will he succumb to his desires and fully become a monster?

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