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きんいろモザイク 第01-09巻 [Kiniro Mosaic vol 01-09]

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    Title:きんいろモザイク 第01-09巻 [Kiniro Mosaic vol 01-09]
    Other title: (一般コミック)[原悠衣] きんいろモザイク; きんいろモザイク; Kin-iro Mosaic; Yellow Mosaic
    Status: Ongoing
    Author: HARA Yui
    Language: JP
    Des: Various short 4koma scenes about five girls, Shinobu, Alice, Karen, Youko, and Aya, all attending the same school together. The main idea behind all of the scenes are that the two English girls, Alice and Karen (Alice is pure English, while Karen is half-English, half-Japanese), are trying to live in Japan and are trying to learn their culture and language!"I made wonderful friends!

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