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つづきはまた明日 第01-04巻 [Tsuzuki wa Mata Ashita vol 01-04]

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    Title: つづきはまた明日 第01-04巻 [Tsuzuki wa Mata Ashita vol 01-04]
    Other title: [紺野キタ] つづきはまた明日; つづきはまた明日; 明天的明天; To Be Continued Tomorrow
    Status: Complete
    Author: KONNO Kita
    Language: JP
    Des: Haruka and Saya spend their days living peacefully with their father in a small town. However, when a new neighbor moves in, unusual events suddenly start taking place. Strangely enough, they all seem to be related to Haruka and Saya's mother who passed away some time ago..

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