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水神の生贄 第01-08巻 [Suijin no Ikenie vol 01-08]

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    Title: 水神の生贄 第01-08巻 [Suijin no Ikenie vol 01-08]
    Other title: Bride of the Water God (TOMA Rei), La Novia del Dios del Agua, Pengantin Dewa Air, Su Tanrısının Gelini, Suijin no Ikenie, The Water Dragon's Bride, Невеста бога воды, 水神の生贄(はなよめ), 水神的祭品, 수신의 제물
    Status: Complete
    Author: TOMA Rei
    Language: JP
    Des: One's life can be changed in a brace of shakes. And little Asahi is unlucky in that: she suddenly finds herself in a strange world where people worship the mysterious water god. The girl is sure that the whole story about gods is just a mere fable but... why and whom is she sacrifiсed to?

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