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Yasushi Ishii Livedoor Collection 2019

  • Every song that Yasushii Ishii (Hellsing TV, Drifters, Darker than Black 2’s composer) has posted to his Livedoor blog. Including thirteen years of music at the highest possible bitrate (anywhere from 128 to 160 kbps) with a number of tracks that should be familiar to Hellsing and Drifters fans. Includes a .txt detailing a few of the many Zen Buddhist concepts Ishii references in his music; and the unique artwork for each track, many of which were likely created by Ishii himself.

    Check out Ishii's blog at http://blog.livedoor.jp/daibakarenji/infoinfo.html

    This includes all the tracks from last year's version, plus all the new songs for 2019.

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