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[Nemuri] Steins;Gate シュタインズ・ゲート (2009-2018) Discography / Collection [46 CDs] [MP3]

  • [Nemuri] Steins;Gate シュタインズ・ゲート (2009-2018) Discography / Collection [46 CDs] [MP3]

    I don’t create discographies on commission, I’m sorry. With the exception of very few torrents (practically those that do not have a FLAC version), my every other torrent comes from original CDs that I have bought. If you find any other errors or oversights, please let me know. They will be corrected at the next torrent update. Thanks for collaboration.

    Ver. [2019.12.07]
    - Steins;Gate 0 / ELITE albums [9 CDs]

    Ver. [2019.11.29]
    - This is my first release of this torrent. As always, you are invited to report inaccuracies, shortcomings or even suggestions. Thanks for collaboration.

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