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  • [Nemuri] CLANNAD クラナド & Tomoyo After 智代アフター (2003-2008) Discography / Collection [8 CDs] [MP3]

    ***I've been thinking about it for a few years, and I finally decided to buy all of the CDs of the "CLANNAD" series, including it's spin-off "Tomoyo After". Fortunately they are reprinted periodically, and only a few are difficult to find at the moment, but with patience and perseverance I am sure I can complete this collection. Meanwhile, I want to share with you what I have purchased and that has already arrived. More CDs will be coming in the next months.***

    ***I don’t create discographies on commission, I’m sorry. With the exception of very few torrents (practically those that do not have a FLAC version), my every other torrent comes from original CDs that I have bought. If you find any other errors or oversights, please let me know. They will be corrected at the next torrent update. Thanks for collaboration.***

    Ver. [2019.12.19]
    - [2003.12.28] CLANNAD クラナド|イメージボーカルアルバム|ソララド
    - [2004.12.29] CLANNAD クラナド|イメージボーカルアルバム|ソララドアペンド
    - [2008.12.28] CLANNAD After Story|時を刻む唄 ・ TORCH|Piano Arrange Disc

    Ver. [2019.09.05]
    - [2007.10.26] CLANNAD クラナド|メグメル ・ だんご大家族
    - [2008.11.14] CLANNAD After Story|時を刻む唄 ・ TORCH

    Ver. [2019.07.26]
    - [2004.08.13] CLANNAD クラナド|OST 2018 Extended Version
    - [2005.11.25] 智代アフター ~It's a Wonderful Life~|Original Soundtrack
    - [2005.12.29] CLANNAD & 智代アフター Piano Arrange Album|ピアノの森

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