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[Light Novel] White Wing Polaris/Hakuyoku no Polaris (白翼のポラリス)

  • **Translated Title**: Polaris of White Aeroplane
    **Japanese Title**: 白翼のポラリス
    **Release Date**: March 31, 2017
    **WorldCat (OCLC) ID**: 980966567

    **Description**: The story takes place on a world that has lost much of its above-water landmasses, with humanity living mostly on giant country-ships. The main character, Shell, flies on his plane called the Polaris whilst delivering goods between ships.
    One day, he comes across a small uninhabited island and finds a young girl named Stella who appears to have been washed ashore...





    ![Cover](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/08/cc/21/08cc210200aa85bcc366a326f6834baf.jpg "Front cover")

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