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Japanese from Zero 2

  • # Release Info

    Hello, this is my independent release of the Learn Japanese from Zero 2 book.

    Note: this is actually a good Japanese learning book; I highly recommend that you buy the original or any others in this series. = )

    I will strictly only be seeding for 4 days, so PLEASE SEED!

    I made sure this time to release a higher quality cb7, from 788x1155 in https://nyaa.si/view/1221246 to a staggering 1363x1920. While the other was of pretty good quality, this release of the second book looks a hell of a lot better.

    As always, cheers!

    I hope this is good to post as a Raw Literature, as its not technically an English translation.

    # Reading the file

    I recommend using https://www.cdisplayex.com/ as it is what I use. =)

    # Other

    You can find a near identical PDF [here](https://wish4book.com/dictionary-reference/7592-japanese-from-zero-1-proven-techniques-to-learn-japanese-for-students-and-professionals-5th-edition.html) though prepare yourself for a max 32kbit/s download (you may fare better)

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