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[Sheldonsuckz-CF][2020.02.14] Velladon x Mizuki MISUMI - LOVE LETTER [CD][MP3][GR-04]

  • The [Sheldonsuckz-CF] tag denotes all releases which were made possible through Crowd-Funding. If you have a CD you want to try to crowdfund don’t hesitate to message me.
    Scanned and Ripped by Sheldonsuckz.

    Big thanks to

    This release is slightly different. All the members who funded this agreed to only release it as MP3. Lossless can be accessed on the discord by reading the crowdfunding rules.

    Current CDs being crowdfunded:
    [2018.11.28] RIRI ~ NEO [AICL-3584] [CD+DVD]
    Donations: 843 / 1500 JPY

    [2020.01.15] Yui Ninomiya ~ Ai toka Kanjo [LACA-15805] [CD]
    Donations: 1753 / 2700 JPY

    Rules for crowdfunding
    1) This is not a charity, if you want to request to crowdfund an album you have to contribute to it.
    2) Um that's it.

    If you like what I do consider donating. All proceeds will be used to buy new albums not uploaded to any site or forum, public or private.



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