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  • ![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/CZOte7H.png "青春ブタ野郎はプチデビル後輩の夢を見ない")

    夏休み直前、咲太の前に、初恋の牧之原翔子と同じ名前、同じ顔をした女子中学生が現れる。でも本当なら翔子は女子大生のはず。混乱に陥る咲太に、またも不思議現象・思春期症候群が忍び寄る。 「この世界に私がふたりいるんだ」 なぜかふたりに増えてしまった科学部所属のクール女子・理央。咲太は片方の理央を自宅にかくまうことになり、まさかのプチ同棲生活が開始する。さらに麻衣先輩まで泊まり込むと言い出したから、咲太の夏休みは大混乱に。「私は私が嫌いなんだよ」 そして、理央が抱える痛みとは――。空と海に囲まれた町で起こる僕らの恋の物語『青春ブタ野郎』シリーズ第3弾。


    著者: 鴨志田 一
    題名: 青春ブタ野郎はロジカルウィッチの夢を見ない
    再生時間: 7 時間 25 分
    ナレーター: 藤野 彩水
    シリーズ: 青春ブタ野郎
    完全版 オーディオブック
    配信日: 2020/03/06
    制作: KADOKAWA
    サンプルレート: 44100 Hz
    ビットレート: 64 kb/s


    Right before summer vacation, a junior high school girl with the same name and face as her first love, Makinohara Shoko, appears in front of Sakuta. But Shoko should be a university student by now. While Sakuta is confused, the mysterious phenomenon of adolescent syndrome creeps in again. “There are two of me in this world.” The number of Rio Futabas, a cool girl from the science club, has somehow increased. Sakuta decides to hide one of the Rios at home, beginning their bite-sized cohabitation, but Mai won't be left out and says she’s also staying over, throwing Sakuta’s summer vacation into even more chaos. Just what is the pain that Rio is dealing with as she says, “I hate myself”?
    This is the third installment in the "Rascal Does Not Dream of" series, a love story that takes place in a town surrounded by the sky and sea.

    **Please note this is the Japanese language audiobook. There is no English audiobook. The written version will be released on November 17, 2020 from [YenPress](https://yenpress.com/9781975312565/rascal-does-not-dream-of-logical-witch-light-novel/).**
    There are no more "Rascal Does Not Dream of" audiobooks right now. But there are more books in the series that have been written.

    Author: Hajime Kamoshida
    Title: Rascal Does Not Dream of Logical Witch
    Duration: 07:25:51
    Narrator: Ayami Fujino
    Series: Rascal Does Not Dream of
    Genre: Audiobook
    Publishing year: 2020
    Publisher: KADOKAWA
    Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
    Bit rate: 64 kb/s

    #### 『青春ブタ野郎』シリーズ - Rascal Does Not Dream of Series:
    1. [バニーガール先輩 - Bunny Girl Senpai](https://nyaa.si/view/1278318)
    2. [プチデビル後輩 - Petite Devil Kohai](https://nyaa.si/view/1278552)
    3. [ロジカルウィッチ - Logical Witch](https://nyaa.si/view/1278815)

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