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[Nemuri] THE [email protected] アイドルマスター (2005-2021) Discography / Collection [215 CDs] [MP3]

  • [Nemuri] THE [email protected] アイドルマスター (2005-2021) Discography / Collection [215 CDs] [MP3]

    ***This torrent doesn't have it's own FLAC version because i don't own any physical copy of any [email protected] CD's. All the files in this collection come from various different sources. I have collected them, arranged and cataloged as if i had the physical copies of the CD's themselves. Unfortunately, most of these sources have decided not to include the Drama parts, and thus creating a certain discontinuity between one CD and another in the same series. As a result I decided to not include any Drama part to maintain homogeneity on this collection. Usually, every of my torrent comes from original CDs that I have bought (or that my friends lent me). If you check my torrents and you don’t find an artist or anime you are looking for, it means that nether I or my friends have those CDs. I don’t create discographies on commission, I’m sorry. If you find any other errors or oversights, please let me know. They will be corrected at the next torrent's update. Thank you for your collaboration.***

    Ver. [2021.02.15]
    - [2021.02.10] MASTER ARTIST 4 07 星井美希
    - [2021.02.10] MASTER ARTIST 4 08 三浦あずさ
    - [2021.02.10] MASTER ARTIST 4 09 秋月律子

    Ver. [2020.11.21] ***I have fixed some tags errors in these albums:***
    - [2013.04.10] [email protected] MASTER 生っすか SPECIAL 弦楽四重奏 初恋組曲 ***in the second disc, fixed the kanji of*** 双海亜美 (Futami Ami)
    - [2013.10.23] 765PRO ALLSTARS+ [email protected] BEST! -SWEET&SMILE!- ***fixed the title tag of the song*** ラ♥ブ♥リ♥
    - [2014.05.28] PETIT [email protected] Twelve Campaigns! 01 高槻やよい & やよ + 水瀬伊織 & いお ***Iori's name tag were missing in her songs and all the tracks had the same title***

    Ver. [2020.11.11]
    - [2020.11.11] MASTER ARTIST 4 04 菊地真
    - [2020.11.11] MASTER ARTIST 4 05 我那覇響
    - [2020.11.11] MASTER ARTIST 4 06 双海亜美

    NOTE: in the “comments” section I wrote “Ripped by Nemuri & Menelkir” because all of the collections I upload are created together with Menelkir (which was also the name of our old NYAA account before the site suddenly closed, when it was still called “nyaa·se”). Even today you can find on the site some torrents signed [Menelkir]; however, those torrents are managed by the site itself, and are obsolete versions without seeds. If you want to contact me: [email protected]

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