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[GHB] Animetal - Discography [MP3/320kbps]


    Animetal (Japanese: アニメタル, Hepburn: Animetaru) was a Japanese heavy metal band who specialized in metal covers of theme songs from classic and modern Japanese anime and tokusatsu television series.

    They were composed of several luminaries of the Japanese metal scene, most notably vocalist Eizo Sakamoto, who has been involved off and on with Anthem as well as participating in various other projects including the pop rock group Nerima, the JAM Project, and a successful solo career where he also plays lead guitar as well as vocals.

    As of 2006, the band is currently on indefinite hiatus. Sakamoto has since begun a similar project called Eizo Japan, but in 2013 he announced that he and She-Ja were reforming Animetal as Aisenshi (哀旋士).

    [1997.03.23] - Animetal Marathon
    [1998.02.21] - Animetal Marathon II
    [1998.05.21] - Animetal no Best
    [2001.08.05] - Animetal Marathon III
    [2001.09.11] - Animetal Marathon IV
    [2003.06.25] - Animetal Marathon V
    [2004.09.22] - Animetal Marathon VI
    [2005.10.21] - Animetal Marathon VII
    [2006.08.02] - Decade of Bravehearts

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