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化物語(中) : Bakemonogatari Part.2 [Japanese Audiobook]

  • Bakemono, literally “altered thing,” which translates as “monster.” Monogatari, literally “thing narrated,” which translates as “tale.” Combined into a neologism by he of the reversible nom de plume, they yield BAKEMONOGATARI, the monster tale that kicked off a series whose anime adaptations have enjoyed international popularity and critical acclaim.

    A self-described loser, Koyomi Araragi is struggling at a prep school that he should never have gotten into. He has all but quit caring, but as a senior, he faces the chilling scenario of not being able to graduate. It’s time to cram, but the supernatural aberrations that keep on popping up in his provincial town won’t let him be.

    Previously, our hero turned into a vampire and back, gained an acid-tongued girlfriend, and couldn’t find his way home thanks to a lost child. In this second of three parts, which introduces Suruga Kanbaru and Nadeko Sengoku, he becomes embroiled in a case that riffs on a classic English story from 1902.

    西尾維新がおくる青春怪異譚 <物語>シリーズが電子版オリジナル3分冊で登場!吸血鬼体質となった高校生・阿良々木暦。彼が出逢う、猿に願った少女と蛇に巻き憑かれた少女とは……?【「するがモンキー」「なでこスネイク」収録】

    Audiobook: Audible audiobook voiced by 加藤 英美里 (Emiri Kato), the voice actor to Mayoi Hachikuji in the series.

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