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[kahsfafs][マンガ] コードギアス 双貌のオズ 1~5巻 / [Manga] Code Geass Soubou no Oz v01-05

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    Imperial Calendar 2017.
    The large-scale battle known as the "Black Rebellion" led by Zero against the Holy Britannian Empire had ended in failure. Nonetheless, the embers of revolution ignited by the Black Rebellion against the ultra-powerful country exerted far-reaching impact. In addition to fellow superpowers Chinese Federation and E.U., the countries conquered by Britannia rose in resistance against the Empire, with terrorists attacks rising in frequency.
    In response, Britannia began crushing the opposition with their mighty military strength.
    Among them includes the Glinda Knights, an anti-terrorist organization formed by Imperial Princess Marrybell mel Britannia.
    Armed with several experimental knightmare frames and ace pilots, the Glinda Knights are tasked with the mission of suppressing terrorist activities across the world on their Caerleon-class Floating Battleship, Grandberry.
    Meanwhile, Peace Mark, a terrorist-deployment organization with a worldwide network of contacts, joins hand with resistance groups across nations like Kyoto to plot geurilla attacks against Britannia.
    In this chaotic state of affairs, a pair of man and woman with the same face and moniker "Oz" meets in a certain country in the Middle East.

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