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[마신] [2022.09.09] ONE OK ROCK 10thアルバム「Luxury Disease」[MP3 320K]

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    ONE OK ROCK 10thアルバム「Luxury Disease」

    Release Date : 2022/09/09
    Catalog Number : WPCR-18540

    01. Save Yourself
    02. Neon
    03. Vandalize
    04. When They Turn the Lights On
    05. Let Me Let You Go
    06. So Far Gone
    07. Prove
    08. Mad World
    09. Free Them (feat.Teddy Swims)
    10. Renegades
    11. Outta Sight
    12. Your Tears are Mine
    13. Wonder
    14. Broken Heart of Gold
    15. Gravity (feat.藤原聡 (Official髭男dism))

    M-01 - Seiko Prospex CM Song Japanese Version

    M-03 - Xbox One/Xbox Series X/Switch/PC/PS4/PS5 Game "Sonic Frontiers" Ending Theme Japanese Version

    M-10 - Movie "Rurouni Kenshin: The Final" Theme Song Japanese Version

    M-14 - Movie "Rurouni Kenshin" The Beginning" Theme Song Japanese Version

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