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高橋李依とライブハウスデート【オトもラジオ】/ Live House Date with Takahashi Rie [Otomo Radio]

  • [![cover.png](https://i.postimg.cc/m2JZw6rn/cover.png)](https://postimg.cc/zVw1D7Kw)

    "Otomo Radio" recording that came bundled together with Takahashi Rie styled TOoKA BASE Wireless Earphones.

    The recording is only available through the BUDDY app and there was no way to download it. I have resorted to using the internal android screen recorder to record the audio. Afterwards the audio was extracted with ffmpeg and also cut at the beginning and end to remove long quiet areas. If anyone has an idea on how to get the original file I would gladly re-upload a rip done that way.

    Torrent is not seeded through a seedbox so there may be downtime every now an then. Make sure to seed your share too!
    Hope you enjoy this cause I did >.

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