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[Rurōni] Kimetsu no Yaiba։ Yuukaku-hen Bonus CD Vol. 1-6 ¦ Demon Slayer։ Entertainment District Arc Soundtrack⁄OST

  • Yuukaku-hen / Red Light District Arc / Entertainment District Arc, whatever u wanna call, these r the OSTs of it.
    * Audio: WAV 2ch 44.1 kHz --> m4a - qAAC TrueVBR q127 Quality 96
    Separated the whole file into individual tracks. The tracks don't have individual names, so I just put M. & if you are like me then you are probably looking for #07 & #09 from vol.6.
    I also added the OP/ED.

    Infinite Train Movie OST: https://nyaa.si/view/1659134

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