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[Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (Sakai Junna 境純菜) (2017-2023) Discography / Collection [14 CDs] [MP3]

  • [Nemuri] JUNNA じゅんな (Sakai Junna 境純菜) (2017-2023) Discography / Collection [14 CDs] [MP3]

    ***Every of my torrent comes from original CDs that I have bought or that my friends lent me. As for the ones that are only digitally released, you’ll find them cataloged exactly like the ones I purchased physically. If you check my torrents and you don’t find an artist or anime you are looking for, it means that nether I or my friends currently have those CDs; for this reason I don’t create discographies on commission, I’m sorry. If you find any errors or oversights, please let me know; they will be corrected at the next torrent’s update. Thank you for your collaboration.***

    Ver. [2023.05.08]
    - [2020.11.01] JUNNA|いま
    - [2021.08.20] JUNNA|はじまりの唄
    - [2023.04.12] JUNNA|Dear ~Limited Edition~ ***Third Album with Bonus Tracks***

    Ver. [2022.10.03]
    - [2022.08.05] JUNNA|曖昧な2人 ・ 革命のメロディ

    Ver. [2022.03.02]
    - [2021.12.22] JUNNA|太陽の航路
    - [2022.02.16] JUNNA|風の音さえ聞こえない

    ***JUNNA*** is the stage name of ***Sakai Junna*** 境純菜 and she is the main vocalist of the unit ***Walküre*** ワルキューレ (from "Macross Δ マクロスΔ")
    - For ***MACROSS DELTA*** マクロスΔ & ***Walküre*** ワルキューレ ***(2016-2023) Discography / Collection [MP3]*** go there: https://nyaa.si/view/1662535

    NOTE: In the comments section of each file I wrote “Ripped by Nemuri & Menelkir” because all of the collections I upload are created together with Menelkir (which was also the name of our old NYAA account before the site suddenly closed in 2017). Even today you can find here some torrents signed [Menelkir]; however, those torrents are managed by NYAA itself, and are obsolete versions without seeds. If you want to contact me: [email protected]

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