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[Nemuri] Keyakizaka46 欅坂46 -Special Edition- (2016-2020) Discography / Collection [11 CDs] [MP3]

  • [Nemuri] Keyakizaka46 欅坂46 -Special Edition- (2016-2020) Discography / Collection [11 CDs] [MP3]

    ***This torrent doesn’t have it’s own FLAC version because i don’t own any physical copy of any Keyakizaka46 CD’s. All the files in this collection come from iTunes and are the -Special Edition- of the original singles/albums (which collect on a single solution all the songs that were originally included on the various versions of each single/album). I have collected them, arranged and cataloged as if i had the physical copies of the CD’s themselves (adding the names of the Idol Units for each song). In addition, for each song, I kept the original cover of the original single (Type A, B, C, D or Regular); and for the songs that were found in each version of the single I used the cover of the Special Edition.***

    ***Usually, every of my torrent comes from original CDs that I have bought or that my friends lent me. As for the ones that are only digitally released, you’ll find them cataloged exactly like the ones I purchased physically. If you check my torrents and you don’t find an artist or anime you are looking for, it means that nether I or my friends currently have those CDs; for this reason I don’t create discographies on commission, I’m sorry. If you find any errors or oversights, please let me know; they will be corrected at the next torrent’s update. Thank you for your collaboration.***

    Ver. [2023.05.19] ***RESEED***
    - [2016.04.06] 欅坂46|サイレントマジョリティー
    - [2016.08.10] 欅坂46|世界には愛しかない
    - [2016.11.30] 欅坂46|二人セゾン
    - [2017.04.05] 欅坂46|不協和音
    - [2017.07.19] 欅坂46|真っ白なものは汚したくなる
    - [2017.10.25] 欅坂46|風に吹かれても
    - [2018.03.07] 欅坂46|ガラスを割れ!
    - [2018.06.20] 欅坂46|走り出す瞬間
    - [2018.08.15] 欅坂46|アンビバレント
    - [2019.02.27] 欅坂46|黒い羊
    - [2020.10.07] 欅坂46|永遠より長い一瞬 〜 あの頃、確かに存在した私たち 〜 ***final album***

    Any information regarding the idols or Units of ***Keyakizaka46*** (now rebranded as 櫻坂46 ***Sakurazaka46*** on October 14, 2020) or their Sister Groups, you can find it here: http://stage48.net/wiki/index.php/Keyakizaka46 . For ***Sakurazaka46*** 櫻坂46 ***-Special Edition- (2020-2023) Discography / Collection [MP3]*** go there : https://nyaa.si/view/1673450

    --- ABOUT ひらがなけやき坂46 ---
    - ***Hiragana Keyakizaka46*** (ひらがなけやき坂46) was a group within ***Keyakizaka46*** that announced their independence on February 11, 2019. Since then, their name has become ***Hinatazaka46*** (日向坂46). In 2018 they produced an album entitled ***Hashiridasu Shunkan*** (走り出す瞬間) (included in this collection) which contained unpublished songs and new versions of some of the hits of Keyakizaka46. Any information regarding the idols or Units of ***Hinatazaka46***, you can find it here: http://stage48.net/wiki/index.php/Hinatazaka46

    NOTE: In the comments section of each file I wrote “Ripped by Nemuri & Menelkir” because all of the collections I upload are created together with Menelkir (which was also the name of our old NYAA account before the site suddenly closed in 2017). Even today you can find here some torrents signed [Menelkir]; however, those torrents are managed by NYAA itself, and are obsolete versions without seeds. If you want to contact me: [email protected]

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