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The Island of Siliang (眷思量之烟霞海客) OST [MP3]

  • ![](https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx117573-C9LxYbmFk1pD.png)


    1. Liu Meilin (刘美麟) - Boundless Thought (思无量) (OP)
    2. Liu Meilin (刘美麟) - First Encouter (初见) (ED)
    3. Liu Meilin (刘美麟) - Mournful Heaven (恸天) (Insert E7)
    4. Xiao Tang Ren (小唐人) - Future (未来) (Insert E13)

    covers included in the MEGA folder (forgot to upload in torrent itself)

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