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偽物語【上・下】~完全版オーディオブック (NISEMONOGATARI: Fake Tale (Parts 1, 2) - Unabridged Japanese Audiobooks)

  • ![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/2RvKyeA.png "偽物語")

    |                          | 偽物語 上 | 偽物語 下 |
    |**著者**| 西尾 維新 | 西尾 維新 |
    |**再生時間**| 11 時間 16 分 | 10 時間 15 分 |
    |**ナレーター**| 櫻井 孝宏 | 坂本 真綾 |
    |**シリーズ**| 物語 | 物語 |
    |**種類**| 完全版 オーディオブック | 完全版 オーディオブック |
    |**配信日**| 2021/06/18 | 2021/07/16 |
    |**制作**| Audible Studios | Audible Studios |
    |**著作権**| ©Illustration/VOFAN ©西尾維新/講談社;(P)2021 Audible, Inc. | ©Illustration/VOFAN ©西尾維新/講談社;(P)2021 Audible, Inc. |
    |**サンプルレート**| 44100 Hz | 44100 Hz |
    |**ビットレート**| 127 kb/s | 127 kb/s |
    |**あらすじ・解説**| 阿良々木暦の青春は、常に怪異と共にある!? ・ 夏休みに入った阿良々木暦は突然、戦場ヶ原ひたぎによって監禁されてしまい……?暦の二人の妹・ファイヤーシスターズも登場の<物語>シリーズ、第5巻! | 「こんな偽物だらけの世界は滅んじゃっていいと思うんだよね、お兄ちゃん」。阿良々木暦の妹・月火が実行する、燃え盛るような正義とは!? <物語>シリーズ第6巻! |

    [ここ](https://nyaa.si/view/1493236)から本をダウンロードするか、[偽物語 上](https://bookclub.kodansha.co.jp/product?item=0000208794)、[偽物語 下](https://bookclub.kodansha.co.jp/product?item=0000208816)は講談社から購入できます。


    || NISEMONOGATARI, Part 1: Fake Tale | NISEMONOGATARI, Part 2: Fake Tale |
    |**Author**| NISIOISIN | NISIOISIN |
    |**Duration**| 11:16:29 | 10:15:32 |
    |**Narrator**| Sakurai Takahiro | Sakamoto Maaya |
    |**Series**| Monogatari | Monogatari |
    |**Genre**| Audiobook | Audiobook |
    |**Publishing Year**| 2021 | 2021 |
    |**Publisher**| Audible Studios | Audible Studios |
    |**Copyright**| ©Illustration/VOFAN ©西尾維新/講談社;(P)2021 Audible, Inc. | ©Illustration/VOFAN ©西尾維新/講談社;(P)2021 Audible, Inc. |
    |**Sample Rate**| 44100 Hz | 44100 Hz |
    |**Bit Rate**| 127 kb/s | 127 kb/s |
    |**Publisher's Summary**| Unlike ne’er-do-well former vampire Araragi, his two younger sisters Karen and Tsukihi, who attend a private junior high, are little balls of energy and charisma that their peers look up to. That the “ka” in Karen and “hi” in Tsukihi are both written with the character for “fire” isn’t the only reason they've come to be known as the Fire Sisters. ・ Karen is the brawn and Tsukihi the brains of a vigilantism that the pair sees not merely as defending justice but as justice itself. They can’t encounter a harmful fad without trying to hunt down a specific source that had a motive for spreading it. In their big brother’s humble opinion, there is something fake and precarious about it all. ・ In this first of two parts, the immediate sequel to the legendary BAKEMONOGATARI plunges us into the middle of summer vacation in the mostly peaceful rural town where the series is set. As our hero and narrator can say from experience, however, teenagers with too much free time on their hands can get stung pretty badly. | Originally planned to be the series’ conclusion, “final” chapter “Tsukihi Phoenix” invites us back to the seemingly eventless country burg where supernatural afflictions abound and characters change their trademark hairstyles at the drop of a hat. Rest assured, dear reader, that the story continued in Japanese and will do so in translation. ・ In the first half of Fake Tale, lost soul Araragi helped resolve his bigger little sister Karen’s feverish run-in with a fraud. In this second half, he must attend to his littler little sister Tsukihi’s issues, but not before staging the Toothbrush Episode that the acclaimed anime adaptation’s viewers find quite memorable—whether they like to or not. ・ As fraught with ominousness as a dark empty street, as unexpectedly full of feeling as an acid-tongued girlfriend, as sidesplittingly funny as a horny retired jock, and (maybe even) as educational as college in the best MONOGATARI tradition, this volume also introduces us to “ghostbusters” Yozuru Kagenui and Yotsugi Ononoki. |

    **Please note these are Japanese language audiobooks. The English audiobooks are not available (Why? I don't know. Please support the official relseases if you can). The written version is available from Kodansha: [NISEMONOGATARI, Part 1: Fake Tale](https://kodansha.us/product/nisemonogatari-1), [NISEMONOGATARI, Part 2: Fake Tale](https://kodansha.us/product/nisenmonogatari-2).**

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