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暦物語~完全版オーディオブック (KOYOMIMONOGATARI: Calendar Tale - Unabridged Japanese Audiobook)

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    著者: 西尾 維新
    題名: 暦物語
    再生時間: 13 時間 51 分
    ナレーター: 早見 沙織
    シリーズ: 物語
    完全版 オーディオブック
    配信日: 2022/04/15
    制作: Audible Studios
    著作権: ©Illustration/VOFAN ©西尾維新/講談社西尾 維新;(P)2022 Audible, Inc.
    サンプルレート: 44100 Hz
    ビットレート: 127 kb/s


    Calendar Tale, narrated by our titular hero, sends us to various earlier points in the story where certain events had yet to occur—when, for instance, the shady “expert” Oshino was still in town, and the ex-legendary vampire Shinobu hadn’t tired of sulking in a corner.

    Weaving in a motif of ways, paths, roads, and streets—walks of life—the nostalgic vignettes hark back to the “case files” feel of the series-launching Monster Tale, but with a twist. Not all oddities are supernatural: stones and flowers; sand and water; the wind and the tree can just be plain weird without being aberrations.

    In the first half say hello from the future to class president among class presidents Hanekawa, acid-tongued girlfriend Senjogahara, cheeky lost child Hachikuji, smutty athlete Kanbaru, pathologically shy Sengoku, and justice-loving martial artist Karen, young ladies who love to make our young man sweat.

    For the latter half of Calendar Tale, a set of journeys into the past that have been revisiting the “case files” feel of the series’ origins starts to catch up to the present moment until we are violently spliced back into the overarching plot, just in time for the final quartet that is the End Tale (in three volumes) and End Tale (Cont.).

    Continuing with the motif of ways, paths, roads, and streets, and wrapping up sundry other topics and quasi-philosophical concerns, the vignettes for the months of October to March deal with six ladies who are either not quite human or older than titular narrator Koyomi Araragi, bless his bantering soul.

    In the second part, see how he handles—or is handled by—aberration of a little sister Tsukihi, enigma of a freshman or -woman Ogi, shadow of a legendary vampire Shinobu, corpse of a tween girl Ononoki, psychopath of a monster expert Kagenui, and know-it-all of a Machiavellian fixer Izuko Gaen.

    **Please note this is the Japanese language audiobook. There is not currently an English audiobook. The written version is available from Kodansha: [KOYOMIMONOGATARI, Part 1: Calendar Tale](https://kodansha.us/product/koyomimonogatari-1), [KOYOMIMONOGATARI, Part 2: Calendar Tale](https://kodansha.us/product/koyomimonogatari-2).**

    Author: NISIOISIN
    Title: KOYOMIMONOGATARI: Calendar Tale
    Duration: 13:51:45
    Narrator: Saori Hayami
    Series: Monogatari
    Genre: Audiobook
    Publishing year: 2022
    Publisher: Audible Studios
    Copyright: ©Illustration/VOFAN ©西尾維新/講談社西尾 維新;(P)2022 Audible, Inc.
    Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
    Bit rate: 127 kb/s

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