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[Bereke Scrubs] Super Light Warrior Changerion - Radio Drama - One Night on a Snowy Peak [480p]

  • This is a new translation for a radio drama for the series written by Inoue and starring the entire main cast (including Kuroiwa *laughs*) with their actors reprising their roles. We found out about it and got the RAW from Bunny Hat posting the copy of it included on the Changerion DVD set, and from there ERankedLuck translated it freshly for this release. The terminology has been done with the Big Nova translation of Changerion in mind, and uses their translation of some stock dialogue from the show. Enjoy!

    There is a secondary SDH subtitle track available as well.

    The video (well, still image from the DVD) is softsubbed 10-bit H.264 with AAC audio, with a separate hardsubbed 8-bit H.264 version available as another torrent.

    Thanks to ERankedLuck, Bunny Hat, and Big Nova for their material used in the release!

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