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Name:  XL Project.torrent
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Software:  NyaaV2
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From member:  Dokil
seed size:  103.24 KB
File size:  3.54 GB
Upload time:  2019-02-07 15:35:05
ReleaseTime:  2019-02-07 06:19:20
Server Name:  udp://tracker.bittrace.net:2712/announce
Infohash:  e4d7adf12e6d9af4877503d43d7830ae40c18557 [Magnet]
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[XLPS-0010] Violet [C71]/02 Last regrets -winter highlight mix-.flac   (66.92 MB)
[XLPS-0004] Spread Colors+ [C67]/02. koutaq - パラレル・メグメル.mp3   (8.9 MB)
[XLPS-0004] Spread Colors+ [C67]/03. takeyo - Na-Gi-Sa.mp3   (10.62 MB)
[XLPS-0004] Spread Colors+ [C67]/04. DJ UNKNOWN - Seatide Sounds.mp3   (17.78 MB)
[XLPS-0004] Spread Colors+ [C67]/05. tio - 月鏡.mp3   (12.01 MB)
[XLPS-0004] Spread Colors+ [C67]/06. Cres - Sneachta.mp3   (11.48 MB)
[XLPS-0004] Spread Colors+ [C67]/07. tio & misann - twelve.mp3   (13.04 MB)
[XLPS-0004] Spread Colors+ [C67]/08. piper - AQUA.mp3   (12.04 MB)
[XLPS-0004] Spread Colors+ [C67]/09. NU-TRAL ZONE - Dancing Star.mp3   (11.66 MB)
[XLPS-0004] Spread Colors+ [C67]/10. Koutaq, E.Yanagi & Chata - パラレル・メグメル.mp3   (8.92 MB)
[XLPS-0004] Spread Colors+ [C67]/11. E.Yanagi & Yamizawa - Bonus Track #1.mp3   (29.02 MB)
[XLPS-0004] Spread Colors+ [C67]/12. E.Yanagi - Bonus Track #2.mp3   (4.71 MB)
[XLPS-0004] Spread Colors+ [C67]/Cover.jpg   (305.48 KB)
[XLPS-0005] XL ZONE vol.2 [C69]/01. koutaq - Rainfall dance.mp3   (8.51 MB)
[XLPS-0005] XL ZONE vol.2 [C69]/02. piper - 光射す森の中で....mp3   (10.31 MB)
[XLPS-0005] XL ZONE vol.2 [C69]/03. Cres - Pathetic Green.mp3   (8.56 MB)
[XLPS-0005] XL ZONE vol.2 [C69]/04. Yasushi Kokorozashi - Guardian's Birth.mp3   (8.44 MB)
[XLPS-0005] XL ZONE vol.2 [C69]/05. UNTAMED SYSTEM - Speed Extender.mp3   (8.8 MB)
[XLPS-0005] XL ZONE vol.2 [C69]/06. Kaito-Jin - interlude.mp3   (3.91 MB)
[XLPS-0005] XL ZONE vol.2 [C69]/07. akio - Photosynthesis.mp3   (8.05 MB)
[XLPS-0005] XL ZONE vol.2 [C69]/08. tio - emotion of the forest.mp3   (9.48 MB)
[XLPS-0005] XL ZONE vol.2 [C69]/09. NU-TRAL - For-a-Rest.mp3   (8.16 MB)
[XLPS-0005] XL ZONE vol.2 [C69]/10. G.Tale - 精霊の住む森.mp3   (8.44 MB)
[XLPS-0005] XL ZONE vol.2 [C69]/11. E.Yanagi & Chata - bird.mp3   (12.33 MB)
[XLPS-0005] XL ZONE vol.2 [C69]/12. Ginrei - When The Rain Kisses The Leaves.mp3   (10.07 MB)
[XLPS-0005] XL ZONE vol.2 [C69]/Cover.jpg   (159.83 KB)
[XLPS-0006] RESIST [C69]/01. estha - The Universe.mp3   (11.66 MB)
[XLPS-0006] RESIST [C69]/02. koutaq - ブラックジャック号によろしく.mp3   (6.52 MB)
[XLPS-0006] RESIST [C69]/03. piper - 呪いの地.mp3   (9.24 MB)
[XLPS-0006] RESIST [C69]/04. Ebisupa - 赤と白の薔薇.mp3   (8.83 MB)
[XLPS-0006] RESIST [C69]/05. Take - Meditation of ''EVE''.mp3   (12.5 MB)
[XLPS-0006] RESIST [C69]/06. Tashi - Destruction of Existence.mp3   (12.26 MB)
[XLPS-0006] RESIST [C69]/07. UNTAMED SYSTEM - 天使の恐れ.mp3   (14.43 MB)
[XLPS-0006] RESIST [C69]/08. NU-TRAL - Ancient Soul.mp3   (11.04 MB)
[XLPS-0006] RESIST [C69]/09. Ginrei - Quiet Turbulence.mp3   (10.34 MB)
[XLPS-0006] RESIST [C69]/10. Takepon Maki - 蒼の龍ミルヒシュトラーセ.mp3   (9.18 MB)
[XLPS-0006] RESIST [C69]/11. E.Yanagi - MEGALOMANIAX!!!.mp3   (6.72 MB)
[XLPS-0006] RESIST [C69]/12. E.Yanagi - TINA -Tranced Pink Ray-.mp3   (11.36 MB)
[XLPS-0006] RESIST [C69]/13. E.Yanagi - 戦え!アルカイザー.mp3   (8.94 MB)
[XLPS-0006] RESIST [C69]/Cover.jpg   (239.09 KB)
[XLPS-0007] 東方小曲集 -唯我独尊- [C69]/01. ルーネイトエルフ.mp3   (5.29 MB)
[XLPS-0007] 東方小曲集 -唯我独尊- [C69]/02. 天空の花の都 ~Heaven's Race Lead Style~.mp3   (7.47 MB)
[XLPS-0007] 東方小曲集 -唯我独尊- [C69]/03. ネクロサーヴァント ~Mortal Portal~.mp3   (5.51 MB)
[XLPS-0007] 東方小曲集 -唯我独尊- [C69]/04. 恋色の歌しか聞こえない.mp3   (7.66 MB)
[XLPS-0007] 東方小曲集 -唯我独尊- [C69]/05. サクラ ナク.mp3   (8.48 MB)
[XLPS-0007] 東方小曲集 -唯我独尊- [C69]/06. 月花.mp3   (4.88 MB)
[XLPS-0007] 東方小曲集 -唯我独尊- [C69]/07. ほおずきみたいに紅い魂 ~情熱style~.mp3   (7.49 MB)
[XLPS-0007] 東方小曲集 -唯我独尊- [C69]/08. 彼岸帰航 ~Riverside View~.mp3   (6.43 MB)
[XLPS-0007] 東方小曲集 -唯我独尊- [C69]/09. 幽霊楽団 ~Phantom Ensemble~.mp3   (6.84 MB)
[XLPS-0007] 東方小曲集 -唯我独尊- [C69]/10. シンデレラケージ.mp3   (7.92 MB)
[XLPS-0007] 東方小曲集 -唯我独尊- [C69]/11. 妖魔夜行.mp3   (4.24 MB)
[XLPS-0007] 東方小曲集 -唯我独尊- [C69]/12. 時流 ~Spatiotemporal Stream~.mp3   (6.7 MB)
[XLPS-0007] 東方小曲集 -唯我独尊- [C69]/13. Weekend Clock ~週末に鳴る終末の時計~.mp3   (8.87 MB)
[XLPS-0007] 東方小曲集 -唯我独尊- [C69]/14. 東方萃夢想.mp3   (4.66 MB)
[XLPS-0007] 東方小曲集 -唯我独尊- [C69]/15. 鋼の意思 ~Iron Will Maiden~.mp3   (9.58 MB)
[XLPS-0007] 東方小曲集 -唯我独尊- [C69]/Cover.jpg   (34.96 KB)
[XLPS-0008] RE:RESIST [C70]/01 The Awakening.flac   (50.31 MB)
[XLPS-0008] RE:RESIST [C70]/02 Invitation to the nihility.flac   (28.32 MB)
[XLPS-0008] RE:RESIST [C70]/03 Fighting Spirits.flac   (33.8 MB)
[XLPS-0008] RE:RESIST [C70]/04 Clock of clock.flac   (31.24 MB)
[XLPS-0008] RE:RESIST [C70]/05 Lunar Sweeper.flac   (34.83 MB)
[XLPS-0008] RE:RESIST [C70]/06 TINA - Taishi Remix.flac   (37.75 MB)
[XLPS-0008] RE:RESIST [C70]/07 Chrono Corridor - Sunlight Ocean Remix.flac   (48.36 MB)
[XLPS-0008] RE:RESIST [C70]/08 Arrangeur - Die Bruecke und der Nebel.flac   (49.82 MB)
[XLPS-0008] RE:RESIST [C70]/09 Give love its rightful time.flac   (32.56 MB)
[XLPS-0008] RE:RESIST [C70]/10 The Sky Affections.flac   (46.52 MB)
[XLPS-0008] RE:RESIST [C70]/11 MARIA.flac   (60.81 MB)
[XLPS-0008] RE:RESIST [C70]/Cover.jpg   (64.01 KB)
[XLPS-0008] RE:RESIST [C70]/Scans/Back.jpg   (340.4 KB)
[XLPS-0008] RE:RESIST [C70]/Scans/Front.png   (251.2 KB)
[XLPS-0009] Claire [C71]/01 Last regrets -past winter mix-.flac   (36.65 MB)
[XLPS-0009] Claire [C71]/02 Light Colors (ALR Remix).flac   (55.47 MB)
[XLPS-0009] Claire [C71]/03 the field path.flac   (41.97 MB)
[XLPS-0009] Claire [C71]/04 Twin Stars.flac   (41.2 MB)
[XLPS-0009] Claire [C71]/05 the way covered with snow.flac   (54.33 MB)
[XLPS-0009] Claire [C71]/06 the fox and grapes.flac   (39.87 MB)
[XLPS-0009] Claire [C71]/07 Esquisse.flac   (50.32 MB)
[XLPS-0009] Claire [C71]/08 ezoragoto.flac   (34.11 MB)
[XLPS-0009] Claire [C71]/09 lights like spots.flac   (31.17 MB)
[XLPS-0009] Claire [C71]/10 Chiisana Tenohira -Claire Mix-.flac   (27.56 MB)
[XLPS-0009] Claire [C71]/Cover.jpg   (67.2 KB)
[XLPS-0009] Claire [C71]/Scans/01.jpg   (564.81 KB)
[XLPS-0009] Claire [C71]/Scans/02.jpg   (356.17 KB)
[XLPS-0009] Claire [C71]/Scans/03.jpg   (713.99 KB)
[XLPS-0009] Claire [C71]/Scans/04.jpg   (461 KB)
[XLPS-0009] Claire [C71]/Scans/05.jpg   (287.09 KB)
[XLPS-0009] Claire [C71]/Scans/06.jpg   (163.35 KB)
[XLPS-0010] Violet [C71]/01 Intro.flac   (9.27 MB)
[XLPS-0004] Spread Colors+ [C67]/01. E.Yanagi & Chata - blooming wind.mp3   (8.93 MB)
[XLPS-0010] Violet [C71]/03 Mag Mell.flac   (56.22 MB)
[XLPS-0010] Violet [C71]/04 Enishi (Celebrate Moon Remix).flac   (60.25 MB)
[XLPS-0010] Violet [C71]/05 Traceability.flac   (60.23 MB)
[XLPS-0010] Violet [C71]/06 Deep Snow.flac   (59.92 MB)
[XLPS-0010] Violet [C71]/07 Light in Cage.flac   (53.29 MB)
[XLPS-0010] Violet [C71]/08 Harukana Toshitsuki.flac   (61.69 MB)
[XLPS-0010] Violet [C71]/09 Chiisana Tenohira -Violet Mix-.flac   (59.46 MB)
[XLPS-0010] Violet [C71]/Cover.jpg   (67.29 KB)
[XLPS-0010] Violet [C71]/Scans/01.jpg   (463.87 KB)
[XLPS-0010] Violet [C71]/Scans/02.jpg   (511.9 KB)
[XLPS-0010] Violet [C71]/Scans/03.jpg   (534.99 KB)
[XLPS-0010] Violet [C71]/Scans/04.jpg   (450.74 KB)
[XLPS-0010] Violet [C71]/Scans/05.jpg   (206.27 KB)
[XLPS-0010] Violet [C71]/Scans/06.jpg   (161.27 KB)
[XLPS-0011] East Side Lounge [例大祭4]/01. Distance of the dream.mp3   (8.24 MB)
[XLPS-0011] East Side Lounge [例大祭4]/02. Snowlight.mp3   (9.82 MB)
[XLPS-0011] East Side Lounge [例大祭4]/03. Road to the Sun.mp3   (7.13 MB)
[XLPS-0011] East Side Lounge [例大祭4]/04. Bright lane.mp3   (4.49 MB)
[XLPS-0011] East Side Lounge [例大祭4]/05. Surround me with dolls.mp3   (8.12 MB)
[XLPS-0011] East Side Lounge [例大祭4]/06. My next way.mp3   (8.37 MB)
[XLPS-0011] East Side Lounge [例大祭4]/07. Urban Ensemble.mp3   (9.89 MB)
[XLPS-0011] East Side Lounge [例大祭4]/08. Remember the Reminiscence.mp3   (8.19 MB)
[XLPS-0011] East Side Lounge [例大祭4]/09. Ultimate Truth (ALR Remix).mp3   (7.3 MB)
[XLPS-0011] East Side Lounge [例大祭4]/10. Isolated world.mp3   (7.98 MB)
[XLPS-0011] East Side Lounge [例大祭4]/Cover.jpg   (282.32 KB)
[XLPS-0012] Multiple Far East [C72]/01. Retrospective Kyoto.mp3   (11.38 MB)
[XLPS-0012] Multiple Far East [C72]/02. Rabbit on the moon.mp3   (10.74 MB)
[XLPS-0012] Multiple Far East [C72]/03. Open pupil.mp3   (7.65 MB)
[XLPS-0012] Multiple Far East [C72]/04. Otenba Erectro.mp3   (10.2 MB)
[XLPS-0012] Multiple Far East [C72]/05. Border Land (ALR Remix).mp3   (9.19 MB)
[XLPS-0012] Multiple Far East [C72]/06. Voyage 1969 Part I.mp3   (7 MB)
[XLPS-0012] Multiple Far East [C72]/07. Voyage 1969 Part II.mp3   (6.59 MB)
[XLPS-0012] Multiple Far East [C72]/08. Ancient Temple (Ellipse Stone Remix).mp3   (12.71 MB)
[XLPS-0012] Multiple Far East [C72]/09. Flow into the spirits.mp3   (9.54 MB)
[XLPS-0012] Multiple Far East [C72]/10. The day after tomorrow.mp3   (11.65 MB)
[XLPS-0012] Multiple Far East [C72]/Cover.jpg   (139.51 KB)
[XLPS-0013] Rendezvous [C72]/01. koutaq - wanderer.mp3   (8.17 MB)
[XLPS-0013] Rendezvous [C72]/02. Atsushi Ohara - Like a STG Stars.mp3   (14.01 MB)
[XLPS-0013] Rendezvous [C72]/03. RED ALiCE - Forest of Abyss.mp3   (10.8 MB)
[XLPS-0013] Rendezvous [C72]/04. Ginrei - salmon meuniere.mp3   (11.54 MB)
[XLPS-0013] Rendezvous [C72]/05. kyu - Ketsubetsu (Nhato's Tech Trance Mix).mp3   (18.29 MB)
[XLPS-0013] Rendezvous [C72]/06. Taishi - Looking for the way out.mp3   (14.71 MB)
[XLPS-0013] Rendezvous [C72]/07. Atsushi Ohara - The Erinyes.mp3   (18.27 MB)
[XLPS-0013] Rendezvous [C72]/08. estha - The Garden.mp3   (21.69 MB)
[XLPS-0013] Rendezvous [C72]/09. estha - Rendezvous.mp3   (19 MB)
[XLPS-0013] Rendezvous [C72]/Cover.jpg   (290.94 KB)
[XLPS-0014] XL ZONE vol.3 -Imaging of Midland- [M3-20]/01. estha - framework.mp3   (7.04 MB)
[XLPS-0014] XL ZONE vol.3 -Imaging of Midland- [M3-20]/02. Ginrei - dalatti.mp3   (8.58 MB)
[XLPS-0014] XL ZONE vol.3 -Imaging of Midland- [M3-20]/03. koutaq - calm room.mp3   (4.86 MB)
[XLPS-0014] XL ZONE vol.3 -Imaging of Midland- [M3-20]/04. NU-TRAL - Up-Down Square.mp3   (5.14 MB)
[XLPS-0014] XL ZONE vol.3 -Imaging of Midland- [M3-20]/05. G.TaLe - stare at something.mp3   (5.97 MB)
[XLPS-0014] XL ZONE vol.3 -Imaging of Midland- [M3-20]/06. LiGHTEN & Taishi - turning to dusk.mp3   (6.87 MB)
[XLPS-0014] XL ZONE vol.3 -Imaging of Midland- [M3-20]/07. tio - wind.mp3   (9.51 MB)
[XLPS-0014] XL ZONE vol.3 -Imaging of Midland- [M3-20]/08. Ginrei - colegio.mp3   (5.87 MB)
[XLPS-0014] XL ZONE vol.3 -Imaging of Midland- [M3-20]/09. Taishi - biroad.mp3   (7.27 MB)
[XLPS-0014] XL ZONE vol.3 -Imaging of Midland- [M3-20]/10. estha - fall into the sky.mp3   (1.27 MB)
[XLPS-0014] XL ZONE vol.3 -Imaging of Midland- [M3-20]/Cover.jpg   (303.44 KB)
[XLPS-0015] Colore [C73]/01. estha - Intro - Little Busters!.mp3   (5.67 MB)
[XLPS-0015] Colore [C73]/02. koutaq - Toybox In The Universe.mp3   (6 MB)
[XLPS-0015] Colore [C73]/03. REDALiCE - Crybaby.mp3   (9.83 MB)
[XLPS-0015] Colore [C73]/04. Atsushi Ohara - the light.mp3   (10.66 MB)
[XLPS-0015] Colore [C73]/05. Taishi - the proper conclusion.mp3   (11.78 MB)
[XLPS-0015] Colore [C73]/06. tio - RING ~overagain~.mp3   (6.1 MB)
[XLPS-0015] Colore [C73]/07. estha - Endless Rain.mp3   (9.45 MB)
[XLPS-0015] Colore [C73]/08. kyu - two sugars.mp3   (7.14 MB)
[XLPS-0015] Colore [C73]/09. estha & mintea - It's only magic word.mp3   (8.38 MB)
[XLPS-0015] Colore [C73]/Cover.jpg   (289.74 KB)
[XLPS-0016] Faith of Shrinemaiden [C73]/01. Sealed Lord.mp3   (6.97 MB)
[XLPS-0016] Faith of Shrinemaiden [C73]/02. 厄災流し.mp3   (5.08 MB)
[XLPS-0016] Faith of Shrinemaiden [C73]/03. The concert of waterside.mp3   (7.61 MB)
[XLPS-0016] Faith of Shrinemaiden [C73]/04. 神は人の夢のために.mp3   (8.16 MB)
[XLPS-0016] Faith of Shrinemaiden [C73]/05. After the incident.mp3   (10.71 MB)
[XLPS-0016] Faith of Shrinemaiden [C73]/06. Co_Re.mp3   (6.79 MB)
[XLPS-0016] Faith of Shrinemaiden [C73]/07. Prayer's Score.mp3   (7.3 MB)
[XLPS-0016] Faith of Shrinemaiden [C73]/08. special, but not special.mp3   (5.63 MB)
[XLPS-0016] Faith of Shrinemaiden [C73]/Cover.jpg   (126.62 KB)
[XLPS-0017] Red Album [C74]/01. Intro.mp3   (1.18 MB)
[XLPS-0017] Red Album [C74]/02. Look up to the sky.mp3   (7.63 MB)
[XLPS-0017] Red Album [C74]/03. Beat Red.mp3   (5.82 MB)
[XLPS-0017] Red Album [C74]/04. Urban.mp3   (9.17 MB)
[XLPS-0017] Red Album [C74]/05. Afternoon Tea Time feat.mintea.mp3   (10.43 MB)
[XLPS-0017] Red Album [C74]/06. Redhead Girl.mp3   (10.34 MB)
[XLPS-0017] Red Album [C74]/07. Endless Festival feat.mintea.mp3   (7.07 MB)
[XLPS-0017] Red Album [C74]/08. End..mp3   (3.31 MB)
[XLPS-0017] Red Album [C74]/09. Endless Festival feat.mintea -sunset soul mix-.mp3   (11.09 MB)
[XLPS-0017] Red Album [C74]/Cover.jpg   (131.69 KB)
[XLPS-0018] Cosmic Travelers [C74]/01. Fall In.mp3   (3.84 MB)
[XLPS-0018] Cosmic Travelers [C74]/02. Afternoon Tea Time feat.mintea -star mix-.mp3   (11.51 MB)
[XLPS-0018] Cosmic Travelers [C74]/03. Transmition.mp3   (10.63 MB)
[XLPS-0018] Cosmic Travelers [C74]/04. PA.mp3   (8.42 MB)
[XLPS-0018] Cosmic Travelers [C74]/05. The milky way part.1.mp3   (6.08 MB)
[XLPS-0018] Cosmic Travelers [C74]/06. The milky way part.2.mp3   (10.07 MB)
[XLPS-0018] Cosmic Travelers [C74]/07. The milky way part.3.mp3   (11.95 MB)
[XLPS-0018] Cosmic Travelers [C74]/08. Endless Festival feat.mintea -star mix-.mp3   (10.83 MB)
[XLPS-0018] Cosmic Travelers [C74]/09. Fall Out.mp3   (3.31 MB)
[XLPS-0018] Cosmic Travelers [C74]/Cover.jpg   (178.31 KB)
[XLPS-0019] Distorted Reality [C74]/01 Distorted Reality.mp3   (14.76 MB)
[XLPS-0019] Distorted Reality [C74]/02 Mystery of Desert [SubZero mix].mp3   (8.07 MB)
[XLPS-0019] Distorted Reality [C74]/03 Silver Nightmare.mp3   (9.24 MB)
[XLPS-0019] Distorted Reality [C74]/04 Big Bridge -LibeRaTion Style-.mp3   (9.58 MB)
[XLPS-0019] Distorted Reality [C74]/05 時の回廊 -H20 REMIX-.mp3   (12.89 MB)
[XLPS-0019] Distorted Reality [C74]/06 Koorong (9 Elektrich Mix).mp3   (8.94 MB)
[XLPS-0019] Distorted Reality [C74]/07 memoria.mp3   (10.06 MB)
[XLPS-0019] Distorted Reality [C74]/08 far-off door.mp3   (15.87 MB)
[XLPS-0019] Distorted Reality [C74]/09 Fragmented Floor -sense of 6th-.mp3   (6.71 MB)
[XLPS-0019] Distorted Reality [C74]/10 What are your future plans_.mp3   (9.57 MB)
[XLPS-0019] Distorted Reality [C74]/11 Chronos.mp3   (7.6 MB)
[XLPS-0019] Distorted Reality [C74]/Cover.jpg   (266.44 KB)
[XLPS-0019] Distorted Reality [C74]/Scans/001.jpg   (427.31 KB)
[XLPS-0019] Distorted Reality [C74]/Scans/002.jpg   (595.46 KB)
[XLPS-0019] Distorted Reality [C74]/Scans/003.jpg   (344.29 KB)
[XLPS-0019] Distorted Reality [C74]/Scans/004.jpg   (448.99 KB)
[XLPS-0019] Distorted Reality [C74]/Scans/005.jpg   (130.59 KB)
[XLPS-0020] Endless Festival EP [M3-08秋]/01. Endless Festival -ziki_7 remix-.mp3   (9.15 MB)
[XLPS-0020] Endless Festival EP [M3-08秋]/02. Endless Festival -Ark remix-.mp3   (9.94 MB)
[XLPS-0020] Endless Festival EP [M3-08秋]/03. Afternoon Tea Time -Nhato remix-.mp3   (9.24 MB)
[XLPS-0020] Endless Festival EP [M3-08秋]/04. Afternoon Tea Time -nurve remix-.mp3   (7.02 MB)
[XLPS-0020] Endless Festival EP [M3-08秋]/05. Endless Festival -2ten remix-.mp3   (10.69 MB)
[XLPS-0020] Endless Festival EP [M3-08秋]/06. Endless Festival -REDALiCE remix-.mp3   (7.72 MB)
[XLPS-0020] Endless Festival EP [M3-08秋]/07. Endless Festival -koutaq remix-.mp3   (6.6 MB)
[XLPS-0020] Endless Festival EP [M3-08秋]/08. Endless Festival -nice ball remix-.mp3   (9.2 MB)
[XLPS-0020] Endless Festival EP [M3-08秋]/09. Endless Festival -sunset soul club mix-.mp3   (13.14 MB)
[XLPS-0020] Endless Festival EP [M3-08秋]/Cover.jpg   (223.4 KB)
[XLPS-0021] Blue Album [東方紅楼夢4]/01. Intro.mp3   (2.85 MB)
[XLPS-0021] Blue Album [東方紅楼夢4]/02. Shadow World.mp3   (8.9 MB)
[XLPS-0021] Blue Album [東方紅楼夢4]/03. The Lost Place.mp3   (8.4 MB)
[XLPS-0021] Blue Album [東方紅楼夢4]/04. Feel the Air.mp3   (8.04 MB)
[XLPS-0021] Blue Album [東方紅楼夢4]/05. Blue State.mp3   (11.04 MB)
[XLPS-0021] Blue Album [東方紅楼夢4]/06. Interlude.mp3   (3.16 MB)
[XLPS-0021] Blue Album [東方紅楼夢4]/07. The Last Time.mp3   (8.43 MB)
[XLPS-0021] Blue Album [東方紅楼夢4]/08. Hall of the cave King.mp3   (11.46 MB)
[XLPS-0021] Blue Album [東方紅楼夢4]/09. only I'm holy.mp3   (15.09 MB)
[XLPS-0021] Blue Album [東方紅楼夢4]/Cover.jpg   (205.16 KB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Cover.jpg   (25.85 KB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 1/01. Rainfall dance.mp3   (6.78 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 1/02. Last regrets -past winter mix-.mp3   (7.92 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 1/03. Flow into the spirits.mp3   (9.46 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 1/04. the way covered with snow.mp3   (11.38 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 1/05. Invitation to the nihility.mp3   (6.12 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 1/06. Urban.mp3   (9.59 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 1/07. 戦え!アルカイザー.mp3   (5.83 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 1/08. Quiet Turbulence.mp3   (6.1 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 1/09. bird.mp3   (9.83 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 1/10. Isolated world.mp3   (7.95 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 1/11. 蒼の龍ミルヒシュトラーセ.mp3   (5.57 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 1/12. special, but not special.mp3   (5.95 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 1/13. It's only magic word.mp3   (9.81 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 1/14. 小さな手のひら -Claire Mix-.mp3   (5.62 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 1/15. 戦え!アルカイザー ~ カラオケバージョン.mp3   (6.43 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 2/01. intro.mp3   (2.35 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 2/02. Last regrets -winter highlight mix-.mp3   (11.38 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 2/03. メグメル.mp3   (6.53 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 2/04. Transmition.mp3   (8.32 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 2/05. Traceability.mp3   (7.36 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 2/06. Looking for the way out.mp3   (6.88 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 2/07. Deep Snow.mp3   (10.56 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 2/08. Blue State.mp3   (9.21 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 2/09. Border Land (ALR Remix).mp3   (6.3 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 2/10. The Last Time.mp3   (7.31 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 2/11. The Sky Affections.mp3   (7.42 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 2/12. MARIA.mp3   (10.56 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 2/13. 小さな手のひら -Violet Mix-.mp3   (9.63 MB)
[XLPS-0022~3] RE:COLLECTIONS [C75]/Disc 2/14. Chronos.mp3   (6.34 MB)
[XLPS-0024] RE:ACTANCE [C75]/01. Starting Over.mp3   (6.69 MB)
[XLPS-0024] RE:ACTANCE [C75]/02. Deep Mountain.mp3   (6.68 MB)
[XLPS-0024] RE:ACTANCE [C75]/03. Fate of sixty years.mp3   (9.25 MB)
[XLPS-0024] RE:ACTANCE [C75]/04. Silver Dream.mp3   (9.98 MB)
[XLPS-0024] RE:ACTANCE [C75]/05. Phantom Ensemble.mp3   (10.55 MB)
[XLPS-0024] RE:ACTANCE [C75]/06. Nightmare Eyes.mp3   (10.53 MB)
[XLPS-0024] RE:ACTANCE [C75]/07. Searching for the moon.mp3   (9.76 MB)
[XLPS-0024] RE:ACTANCE [C75]/08. Disorted Reality.mp3   (6.77 MB)
[XLPS-0024] RE:ACTANCE [C75]/Cover.jpg   (227.46 KB)
[XLPS-0025] At the Sacrifice [例大祭6]/01. Introduction.mp3   (1.76 MB)
[XLPS-0025] At the Sacrifice [例大祭6]/02. Necro Fantasia feat. mintea.mp3   (7.35 MB)
[XLPS-0025] At the Sacrifice [例大祭6]/03. At the Sacrifice.mp3   (8.96 MB)
[XLPS-0025] At the Sacrifice [例大祭6]/04. Nuclear steam.mp3   (14.84 MB)
[XLPS-0025] At the Sacrifice [例大祭6]/05. Thunder storm.mp3   (10.81 MB)
[XLPS-0025] At the Sacrifice [例大祭6]/06. After world symphony.mp3   (6.57 MB)
[XLPS-0025] At the Sacrifice [例大祭6]/07. Dream... feat. 美里.mp3   (7.01 MB)
[XLPS-0025] At the Sacrifice [例大祭6]/08. Outro.mp3   (1.44 MB)
[XLPS-0025] At the Sacrifice [例大祭6]/09. Deep Mountain feat. mintea -Ark remix-.mp3   (5.33 MB)
[XLPS-0025] At the Sacrifice [例大祭6]/Cover.jpg   (290.01 KB)
[XLPS-0026] the end of the world [C76]/01. Introduction.mp3   (1.72 MB)
[XLPS-0026] the end of the world [C76]/02. Last Remote feat. mintea.mp3   (7.67 MB)
[XLPS-0026] the end of the world [C76]/03. Fate of sixty years feat. march -world's end mix-.mp3   (8.53 MB)
[XLPS-0026] the end of the world [C76]/04. Dream... feat. __.mp3   (7.89 MB)
[XLPS-0026] the end of the world [C76]/05. more dreaming.mp3   (7.25 MB)
[XLPS-0026] the end of the world [C76]/06. Horizon.mp3   (7.85 MB)
[XLPS-0026] the end of the world [C76]/07. Space Wander.mp3   (7.02 MB)
[XLPS-0026] the end of the world [C76]/08. the end of the world feat. mintea.mp3   (6.57 MB)
[XLPS-0026] the end of the world [C76]/Cover.jpg   (239.38 KB)
[XLPS-0027] the last hope [C76]/01. Introduction.mp3   (2.26 MB)
[XLPS-0027] the last hope [C76]/02. After World feat. mintea.mp3   (7.21 MB)
[XLPS-0027] the last hope [C76]/03. Dust Light.mp3   (7.09 MB)
[XLPS-0027] the last hope [C76]/04. Necro Fantasia feat. mintea -last hope mix-.mp3   (8.23 MB)
[XLPS-0027] the last hope [C76]/05. Lychnis feat. mintea.mp3   (9.89 MB)
[XLPS-0027] the last hope [C76]/06. Last Drop.mp3   (9.45 MB)
[XLPS-0027] the last hope [C76]/07. Phantom Ensemble feat. mintea -last hope mix-.mp3   (8.87 MB)
[XLPS-0027] the last hope [C76]/Cover.jpg   (239.66 KB)
[XLPS-0028] The Starry Sky [C77]/01. Introduction.mp3   (2.16 MB)
[XLPS-0028] The Starry Sky [C77]/02. Starmine feat. mintea.mp3   (6.76 MB)
[XLPS-0028] The Starry Sky [C77]/03. Afternoon Tea Time feat. mintea -ziki_7 mix-.mp3   (9.34 MB)
[XLPS-0028] The Starry Sky [C77]/04. Fighting under the knuckle.mp3   (7.93 MB)
[XLPS-0028] The Starry Sky [C77]/05. starry hope feat. mintea.mp3   (7.88 MB)
[XLPS-0028] The Starry Sky [C77]/06. Random Navigation.mp3   (6.86 MB)
[XLPS-0028] The Starry Sky [C77]/07. Seek for Destiny feat. mintea.mp3   (6.4 MB)
[XLPS-0028] The Starry Sky [C77]/08. Deep Mountain feat. mintea -ziki_7 remix-.mp3   (8.32 MB)
[XLPS-0028] The Starry Sky [C77]/Cover.jpg   (108.09 KB)
[XLPS-0029] MONOCHROME [例大祭7]/01. Introduction.mp3   (1.93 MB)
[XLPS-0029] MONOCHROME [例大祭7]/02. the end of the world -ziki_7 remix-.mp3   (10.55 MB)
[XLPS-0029] MONOCHROME [例大祭7]/03. Fate of sixty years -world's end mix-.mp3   (8.83 MB)
[XLPS-0029] MONOCHROME [例大祭7]/04. Starmine.mp3   (7.27 MB)
[XLPS-0029] MONOCHROME [例大祭7]/05. Dream....mp3   (7.85 MB)
[XLPS-0029] MONOCHROME [例大祭7]/06. Last remote.mp3   (8.26 MB)
[XLPS-0029] MONOCHROME [例大祭7]/07. After World.mp3   (7.46 MB)
[XLPS-0029] MONOCHROME [例大祭7]/08. Necrofantasia.mp3   (7.93 MB)
[XLPS-0029] MONOCHROME [例大祭7]/09. Seek for Destiny.mp3   (7.16 MB)
[XLPS-0029] MONOCHROME [例大祭7]/10. Deep Mountain -ziki_7 remix-.mp3   (8.22 MB)
[XLPS-0029] MONOCHROME [例大祭7]/11. Phantom Ensemble -last hope mix-.mp3   (9.02 MB)
[XLPS-0029] MONOCHROME [例大祭7]/Cover.jpg   (34.73 KB)
[XLPS-0030] Circle of Changes [例大祭7]/01. Light up Faith.mp3   (8.17 MB)
[XLPS-0030] Circle of Changes [例大祭7]/02. The Capital City of Fowers in the Sky.mp3   (10.42 MB)
[XLPS-0030] Circle of Changes [例大祭7]/03. Fate of sixty years -ark remix-.mp3   (8.97 MB)
[XLPS-0030] Circle of Changes [例大祭7]/04. Trad..mp3   (9.11 MB)
[XLPS-0030] Circle of Changes [例大祭7]/Cover.jpg   (28.2 KB)
[XLPS-0031] Feel the Air [M3-25]/01. estha & mintea - still there (estha alternative rm.) feat.mintea.mp3   (13.19 MB)
[XLPS-0031] Feel the Air [M3-25]/02. ziki_7 - End Light.mp3   (16.71 MB)
[XLPS-0031] Feel the Air [M3-25]/03. Ark - bottom chord.mp3   (7.99 MB)
[XLPS-0031] Feel the Air [M3-25]/04. sonoa & mintea - Special day.mp3   (15.56 MB)
[XLPS-0031] Feel the Air [M3-25]/Cover.jpg   (144.14 KB)
[XLPS-0032] Color of Life [C78]/01. Introduction.mp3   (1.47 MB)
[XLPS-0032] Color of Life [C78]/02. December Sky.mp3   (12.53 MB)
[XLPS-0032] Color of Life [C78]/03. Newshound.mp3   (8.76 MB)
[XLPS-0032] Color of Life [C78]/04. Vanishing point.mp3   (9.32 MB)
[XLPS-0032] Color of Life [C78]/05. Sky Dream.mp3   (8.33 MB)
[XLPS-0032] Color of Life [C78]/06. Yearn.mp3   (8.51 MB)
[XLPS-0032] Color of Life [C78]/07. Infinite Sunshine.mp3   (8.07 MB)
[XLPS-0032] Color of Life [C78]/Cover.jpg   (71.6 KB)
[XLPS-0033] Reflected Snow EP [C79]/01. Reflected Snow -Radio Edit-.mp3   (5.67 MB)
[XLPS-0033] Reflected Snow EP [C79]/02. Yourtown.mp3   (6.66 MB)
[XLPS-0033] Reflected Snow EP [C79]/03. Elisa.mp3   (3.01 MB)
[XLPS-0033] Reflected Snow EP [C79]/04. December Sky -ziki_7 Radio Edit-.mp3   (4.35 MB)
[XLPS-0033] Reflected Snow EP [C79]/05. Drifting Dream -radio edit-.mp3   (5.7 MB)
[XLPS-0033] Reflected Snow EP [C79]/Cover.jpg   (12.11 KB)
[XLPS-0034] CLAUDIA [例大祭8]/01. Introduction.mp3   (2.02 MB)
[XLPS-0034] CLAUDIA [例大祭8]/02. Reflected Snow -Original Mix.mp3   (11.02 MB)
[XLPS-0034] CLAUDIA [例大祭8]/03. Northern Lights -Original Mix.mp3   (3.8 MB)
[XLPS-0034] CLAUDIA [例大祭8]/04. Silver Scroll.mp3   (8.31 MB)
[XLPS-0034] CLAUDIA [例大祭8]/05. When they think of there.mp3   (7.65 MB)
[XLPS-0034] CLAUDIA [例大祭8]/06. SHNC.mp3   (8.7 MB)
[XLPS-0034] CLAUDIA [例大祭8]/07. Interlude.mp3   (1.1 MB)
[XLPS-0034] CLAUDIA [例大祭8]/08. From the silent space -Original Mix.mp3   (6.21 MB)
[XLPS-0034] CLAUDIA [例大祭8]/09. December Sky -ziki_7 remix-.mp3   (10.84 MB)
[XLPS-0034] CLAUDIA [例大祭8]/10. Drifting Dream -Original Mix.mp3   (10.27 MB)
[XLPS-0034] CLAUDIA [例大祭8]/Cover.jpg   (22.89 KB)

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