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Name:  Dragon Quest XI OST - Midi & Sympho....torrent
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Software:  NyaaV2
Downloads:  25
From member:  Dokil
seed size:  58.63 KB
File size:  1.03 GB
Upload time:  2019-12-04 02:35:11
ReleaseTime:  2019-12-03 20:58:37
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Symphonic/Disc 2/09. 過ぎ去りし時を求めて (そして伝説へ~広野を行く~果てしなき世界~おおぞらをとぶ~この道わが旅~そして伝説へ).flac   (52.74 MB)
Midi/002 Unlucky Courage (Long).mp3   (5.44 MB)
Midi/003 Endless Death Fight.mp3   (4.55 MB)
Midi/004 Those Who Desire Destruction.mp3   (7.81 MB)
Midi/005 Unknown DQXI Music.mp3   (5.62 MB)
Midi/006 Hero's Challenge (III).mp3   (6.93 MB)
Midi/007 Battle for the Glory (IV).mp3   (3.21 MB)
Midi/008 Battle for the Glory (IV) (Famicom Version).mp3   (2.88 MB)
Midi/009 Battle Theme (I) (Famicom Version).mp3   (1.53 MB)
Midi/010 Battle Theme (I).mp3   (5.18 MB)
Midi/011 Demon Attack (II).mp3   (2.55 MB)
Midi/012 Battle Theme (III).mp3   (2.29 MB)
Midi/013 Violent Enemies (V).mp3   (4.6 MB)
Midi/014 Courageous Fight (VI).mp3   (3.99 MB)
Midi/015 Fighting Spirit (VII).mp3   (4.31 MB)
Midi/016 Raising the War Cry (VIII).mp3   (4.95 MB)
Midi/017 Are You a Loser (IX).mp3   (4.05 MB)
Midi/018 Goofy Monster (V).mp3   (4.38 MB)
Midi/019 Gruelling Fight (III).mp3   (6.1 MB)
Midi/020 The Hero Triumphs.mp3   (5.25 MB)
Midi/021 The Eleventh Hero.mp3   (4.67 MB)
Midi/022 Unknown DQXI Music.mp3   (2.34 MB)
Midi/023 Olé! Silvando!.mp3   (3.49 MB)
Midi/024 A Chivalrous Path in my Chest.mp3   (6.54 MB)
Midi/025 The Wizard, Rowe.mp3   (3.58 MB)
Midi/026 Unknown Cave.mp3   (4.87 MB)
Midi/027 Ideal for Mystery.mp3   (5.98 MB)
Midi/028 Sky Castle.mp3   (8.36 MB)
Midi/029 Requiem (III).mp3   (4.38 MB)
Midi/030 Requiem (III) (Famicom Version).mp3   (1.27 MB)
Midi/031 Run Around the Corner.mp3   (3.98 MB)
Midi/032 Catastrophe (II).mp3   (2.14 MB)
Midi/033 Goddess of Love.mp3   (6.82 MB)
Midi/034 Goddess of Love (No Intro).mp3   (6.73 MB)
Midi/035 Dark Evil.mp3   (3.2 MB)
Midi/036 Unknown DQXI Music.mp3   (12.31 MB)
Midi/037 ...And Into the Legend (III).mp3   (13.55 MB)
Midi/038 Folk Dance (VI).mp3   (2.63 MB)
Midi/039 Suspense (V).mp3   (3.83 MB)
Midi/040 Prologue (III).mp3   (7.11 MB)
Midi/041 Distant Memories (III).mp3   (6.21 MB)
Midi/042 Pathos (V).mp3   (6.26 MB)
Midi/043 With Sadness in Heart (VII).mp3   (6.45 MB)
Midi/044 A Stealthy Shadow (VIII).mp3   (3.88 MB)
Midi/045 A Stealthy Shadow (No Intro) (VIII).mp3   (3.79 MB)
Midi/046 Bridal Waltz (Music Box) (V).mp3   (2.6 MB)
Midi/047 Opening (VI).mp3   (1.97 MB)
Midi/048 Noble Requiem (V).mp3   (5.46 MB)
Midi/049 Field.mp3   (3.56 MB)
Midi/050 Dusky Wilderness.mp3   (5.44 MB)
Midi/051 Adventure (III).mp3   (4.33 MB)
Midi/052 Adventure (No Intro) (III).mp3   (3.88 MB)
Midi/053 Expanding the Map (IV).mp3   (5.33 MB)
Midi/054 Flying Whale.mp3   (6.87 MB)
Midi/055 Flying Whale (No Intro).mp3   (6.78 MB)
Midi/056 Heavenly Flight (III).mp3   (5.79 MB)
Midi/057 Overture XI (No Intro).mp3   (2.36 MB)
Midi/058 Intermezzo (I).mp3   (2.13 MB)
Midi/059 Ton-Ten-Kan (X).mp3   (1.59 MB)
Midi/060 Horse Racing.mp3   (3.73 MB)
Midi/061 Calm Village.mp3   (6.19 MB)
Midi/062 Calm Village (Night).mp3   (6.05 MB)
Midi/063 Bustling Cityscape.mp3   (6.68 MB)
Midi/064 Bustling Cityscape (Night).mp3   (5.91 MB)
Midi/065 A Magestic Royal Palace.mp3   (4.13 MB)
Midi/066 Unknown DQXI Music.mp3   (3.49 MB)
Midi/067 The Mythical Village.mp3   (5.18 MB)
Midi/068 Hopefulness.mp3   (5.98 MB)
Midi/069 Small Shrine (III).mp3   (4.16 MB)
Midi/070 Healed By a Hymn (VIII).mp3   (4.05 MB)
Midi/071 Colosseum Back Stage (IV).mp3   (3.17 MB)
Midi/072 Colosseum Stand (IV).mp3   (3.55 MB)
Midi/073 Paradise (VII).mp3   (6.37 MB)
Midi/074 (Jail).mp3   (8.62 MB)
Midi/075 Altar of Time.mp3   (5.98 MB)
Midi/076 Jipang.mp3   (3.17 MB)
Midi/077 The Palace of Himiko.mp3   (2.57 MB)
Midi/078 Hidden Village in the Mountains.mp3   (6.39 MB)
Midi/079 Saint's Wreath (VI).mp3   (5.44 MB)
Midi/080 A Cathedral Town (VIII).mp3   (4.56 MB)
Midi/081 Saint (V).mp3   (3.17 MB)
Midi/082 Conversation (VIII).mp3   (3.99 MB)
Midi/083 The Wretched Village (V).mp3   (3.43 MB)
Midi/084 The Castle Trumpeter (V).mp3   (5.79 MB)
Midi/085 The Castle Trumpeter (Night) (V).mp3   (7.44 MB)
Midi/086 Château Ladutorm (I) (Famicom Version).mp3   (1.7 MB)
Midi/087 People (I) (Famicom Version).mp3   (1.47 MB)
Midi/088 Dungeon of Alefgard, B1 (I) (Famicom Version).mp3   (1.05 MB)
Midi/089 Dungeon of Alefgard (I).mp3   (8.74 MB)
Midi/090 Royal Palace (II).mp3   (4.29 MB)
Midi/091 Busy City Streets (II).mp3   (4.45 MB)
Midi/092 Underground (II).mp3   (3.27 MB)
Midi/093 Town (III).mp3   (3.78 MB)
Midi/094 The Archfiend's Castle (III).mp3   (7.63 MB)
Midi/095 In a Town (IV) (Famicom Version).mp3   (2.22 MB)
Midi/096 Frightening Dungeon (IV) (Famicom).mp3   (2.53 MB)
Midi/097 Frightening Dungeon (IV).mp3   (5.14 MB)
Midi/098 Friendly and Peaceful (V).mp3   (3.52 MB)
Midi/099 Monsters in the Dungeon (V).mp3   (4.94 MB)
Midi/100 At the Palace (VI).mp3   (4.54 MB)
Midi/101 Devil's Tower (VI).mp3   (3.25 MB)
Midi/102 Sacrificial Dance (VII).mp3   (2.44 MB)
Midi/103 Shadow of Death - Part 1 (VII).mp3   (6.88 MB)
Midi/104 These Feelings (VIII).mp3   (8.16 MB)
Midi/105 Heaven's Prayer (IX).mp3   (11.88 MB)
Midi/106 Pub Polka (IX).mp3   (4.31 MB)
Midi/107 Dungeon (III).mp3   (4.81 MB)
Midi/108 Gossipping Villagers (X).mp3   (6.34 MB)
Midi/109 World of Heaven (Monsters 2).mp3   (5.87 MB)
Midi/110 ME Flute 01.mp3   (513.83 KB)
Midi/111 Surprise! (V).mp3   (417.97 KB)
Midi/112 ME Harp 01.mp3   (482.32 KB)
Midi/113 Improvement! (I).mp3   (349.67 KB)
Midi/114 Improvement! (I) (Famicom Version).mp3   (327.63 KB)
Midi/115 Confession (Save).mp3   (415.35 KB)
Midi/116 Resurrection.mp3   (402.25 KB)
Midi/117 Cursed!.mp3   (368.1 KB)
Midi/118 A New Companion (II) (Long).mp3   (574.14 KB)
Midi/119 A New Companion (II) (Short).mp3   (538.16 KB)
Midi/120 Small Win!.mp3   (342.21 KB)
Midi/121 Big Win!.mp3   (347.72 KB)
Midi/122 Jackpot!.mp3   (500.42 KB)
Midi/123 Big Jackpot!.mp3   (767.27 KB)
Midi/124 Important Item Found.mp3   (360.06 KB)
Midi/125 A Little Joy.mp3   (344.1 KB)
Midi/126 Victory! (I).mp3   (321.38 KB)
Midi/127 Victory! (I) (Famicom Version).mp3   (334.8 KB)
Midi/128 Surprise! (Brass) (VIII).mp3   (381 KB)
Midi/129 Surprise! (Strings) (VIII).mp3   (403.25 KB)
Midi/130 Inn.mp3   (386.78 KB)
Midi/131 Improvement! (I) (Vibes).mp3   (342.13 KB)
Midi/132 Quest Accepted.mp3   (354.2 KB)
Midi/133 Quest Completed!.mp3   (405.1 KB)
Midi/134 On Your Marks! (V).mp3   (383.36 KB)
Midi/135 The Rainbow Bridge (I).mp3   (538.39 KB)
Midi/136 The Spring Flute (V).mp3   (1.53 MB)
Midi/137 ME Strings 01.mp3   (640.98 KB)
Midi/138 ME Harp 02.mp3   (552.39 KB)
Midi/139 Superstar! (IX).mp3   (513.22 KB)
Midi/140 Princess (I).mp3   (504.44 KB)
Midi/141 ME Horns 01.mp3   (486.63 KB)
Symphonic/album_art.png   (1.77 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 1/01. 序曲XI.flac   (14.72 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 1/02. 冒険のはじまり~勇者は征く.flac   (20.49 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 1/03. にぎわいの街並~穏やかな村の夜~穏やかな村~にぎわいの街並.flac   (44.27 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 1/04. 勇者の凱旋~山奥の隠れ里~勇者出撃.flac   (35.01 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 1/05. 荘厳なる王宮.flac   (16.51 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 1/06. オーレ!シルビア!.flac   (19.64 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 1/07. ひるまぬ勇気~レースバトル~果てしなき死闘.flac   (34.23 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 1/08. 天空魔城.flac   (15.1 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 1/09. 暗黒の魔手~破壊を望みし者.flac   (32.4 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 1/10. 英雄たちの帰郷.flac   (46.23 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 2/01. 未知なる洞窟~神秘へのいざない.flac   (26.83 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 2/02. 空飛ぶ鯨.flac   (15.14 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 2/03. 騎士道を我が胸に.flac   (33.67 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 2/04. 愛のこもれび.flac   (11.27 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 2/05. 魔法使いロウ~時の祭壇~神話の里.flac   (25.21 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 2/06. 窮地を駆ける~希望はいずこへ~黄昏の荒野.flac   (37.77 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 2/07. 暗闇の回廊.flac   (10.68 MB)
Symphonic/Disc 2/08. 生死を賭けて.flac   (23.85 MB)
Midi/001 Unlucky Courage.mp3   (2.99 MB)

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