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Name:  Lin Toshite Shigure.torrent
Distribution:  None
Software:  NyaaV2
Downloads:  1
From member:  Dokil
seed size:  39.27 KB
File size:  1.93 GB
Upload time:  2020-02-01 08:35:04
ReleaseTime:  2020-01-31 23:45:43
Server Name:  udp://tracker.bittrace.net:2712/announce
Infohash:  10f6dd2b6212af22fda5ff721354fcab128f6861 [Magnet]
Resource:   Loading ...

Demos/[2002] #1/cover.jpg   (4.75 KB)
Demos/[2005] Toshite/cover.jpg   (8.8 KB)
Albums/[2007.08.22] Inspiration is DEAD/cover.jpg   (16.76 KB)
Demos/[2004] Azayaka na Satsujin/cover.jpg   (21.55 KB)
TK/[2016.09.28] white noise/cover.jpg   (23.75 KB)
EP/[2006.07.19] Feeling Your UFO/cover.jpg   (25.37 KB)
Singles/[2008.04.23] Telecastic fake show/cover.jpg   (30.9 KB)
EP/[2014.08.13] Chaotic Vibes Orchestra/cover.jpg   (31.28 KB)
Albums/[2009.05.13] just A moment/cover.jpg   (32.72 KB)
TK/[2014.07.23] unravel/cover2.jpg   (33.15 KB)
TK/[2012.06.27] flowering/cover.jpg   (34.13 KB)
Singles/[2015.01.14] Who What Who What/cover.jpg   (34.6 KB)
TK/[2014.03.05] contrast/cover.jpg   (34.64 KB)
Albums/[2010.09.22] still a Sigure virgin/cover.jpg   (37.56 KB)
Demos/[2004] #3/cover.jpg   (40.32 KB)
Singles/[2014.11.05] Enigmatic Feeling/cover.jpg   (43.26 KB)
Singles/[2012.11.14] abnormalize/cover.jpg   (45.89 KB)
Albums/[2005.11.09] #4/cover.jpg   (48.88 KB)
TK/[2011.04.27] film A moment/cover.jpg   (51.51 KB)
TK/[2014.08.27] Fantastic Magic/cover.jpg   (52.43 KB)
TK/[2014.07.23] unravel/cover1.jpg   (52.61 KB)
TK/[2016.03.02] Secret Sensation/cover.jpg   (53.64 KB)
Demos/[2003] #2/cover.png   (55.04 KB)
TK/[2016.09.07] Signal/cover.jpg   (55.8 KB)
Singles/[2017.08.23] DIE meets HARD/cover.jpg   (60.26 KB)
TK/[2014.07.23] unravel/cover3.jpg   (61.04 KB)
Albums/[2018.02.14] #5/cover.jpg   (61.13 KB)
TK/[2020.01.22] Chou no Tobu Suisou/cover1.jpg   (61.21 KB)
TK/[2018.11.21] katharsis/cover2.jpg   (87.72 KB)
EP/[2015.09.02] es or s/cover.jpg   (95.88 KB)
Albums/[2013.04.10] i'mperfect/folder.jpg   (117.62 KB)
TK/[2018.11.21] katharsis/cover1.jpg   (157.22 KB)
Albums/[2015.01.14] Best of Tornado/cover.jpg   (159 KB)
TK/[2015.05.20] unravel (acoustic version)/cover.jpg   (164.78 KB)
TK/[2019.10.02] melt (with suis from Yorushika)/cover.jpg   (194.28 KB)
TK/[2020.01.22] Chou no Tobu Suisou/cover2.jpg   (296.36 KB)
Singles/[2019.07.03] Neighbormind - laser beamer/Cover.jpg   (400.29 KB)
TK/[2014.07.23] unravel/BK/004.jpg   (520.54 KB)
TK/[2014.07.23] unravel/BK/003.jpg   (882.56 KB)
Singles/[2019.04.18] Laser beamer/cover.jpg   (900.58 KB)
TK/[2019.03.06] P.S. RED I/cover.jpg   (957.86 KB)
TK/[2014.07.23] unravel/BK/001.jpg   (1.3 MB)
TK/[2014.07.23] unravel/BK/002.jpg   (1.54 MB)
Singles/[2008.12.24] moment A rhythm/cover.jpg   (1.55 MB)
Singles/[2015.01.14] Who What Who What/02. Who What Who What (Movie Edit).mp3   (3.57 MB)
TK/[2018.11.21] katharsis/03. katharsis (TV Edit).mp3   (3.57 MB)
Singles/[2014.11.05] Enigmatic Feeling/03. Enigmatic Feeling (TV Edit).mp3   (3.58 MB)
TK/[2014.07.23] unravel/04. unravel (TV edit).mp3   (4.18 MB)
Singles/[2014.11.05] Enigmatic Feeling/Scans/IMG_0006.jpg   (4.98 MB)
Singles/[2014.11.05] Enigmatic Feeling/Scans/IMG_0005.jpg   (4.98 MB)
TK/[2012.06.27] flowering/10. sound_am326 (secret track).mp3   (5.9 MB)
TK/[2012.06.27] flowering/08. daylily.mp3   (5.96 MB)
TK/[2012.06.27] flowering/06. 12th laser.mp3   (6.07 MB)
Singles/[2014.11.05] Enigmatic Feeling/Scans/IMG_0004.jpg   (6.08 MB)
Demos/[2002] #1/3. TK in The Yuukei.mp3   (6.29 MB)
Demos/[2005] Toshite/2. TK in the Yuukei.mp3   (6.3 MB)
Demos/[2003] #2/2. Samurai ki zou kun wa rau.mp3   (6.35 MB)
Singles/[2014.11.05] Enigmatic Feeling/Scans/IMG_0003.jpg   (6.42 MB)
Demos/[2005] Toshite/1. Azayaka na Satsujin.mp3   (6.7 MB)
Demos/[2002] #1/1. Azayaka na Satsujin.mp3   (6.7 MB)
Demos/[2003] #2/3. Undercover Suicide.mp3   (6.73 MB)
Singles/[2014.11.05] Enigmatic Feeling/Scans/IMG_0001.jpg   (6.77 MB)
Demos/[2003] #2/1. Sasurai no R&B.mp3   (6.82 MB)
Albums/[2010.09.22] still a Sigure virgin/7. Can you kill a secret.mp3   (7.24 MB)
Albums/[2007.08.22] Inspiration is DEAD/1. Nakano Kill You.mp3   (7.26 MB)
Albums/[2010.09.22] still a Sigure virgin/1. I was music.mp3   (7.26 MB)
Albums/[2005.11.09] #4/8. Tornado G.mp3   (7.44 MB)
Albums/[2015.01.14] Best of Tornado/12. nakano kill you (2015 Mix).mp3   (7.44 MB)
Albums/[2015.01.14] Best of Tornado/09. I was music.mp3   (7.47 MB)
TK/[2014.08.27] Fantastic Magic/03. kalei de scope.mp3   (7.6 MB)
Albums/[2013.04.10] i'mperfect/1. Beautiful Circus.mp3   (7.62 MB)
Albums/[2015.01.14] Best of Tornado/08. Beautiful Circus.mp3   (7.76 MB)
Albums/[2005.11.09] #4/2. Terekyasuta no Shinjitsu.mp3   (7.94 MB)
Albums/[2013.04.10] i'mperfect/3. Metamorphose.mp3   (8.02 MB)
TK/[2012.06.27] flowering/04. phase to phrase.mp3   (8.04 MB)
EP/[2006.07.19] Feeling Your UFO/1. Souzou no Security.mp3   (8.12 MB)
TK/[2014.03.05] contrast/03. Crazy Tampern.mp3   (8.13 MB)
Albums/[2015.01.14] Best of Tornado/11. Telecaster no Shinjitsu (2015 Mix).mp3   (8.14 MB)
EP/[2006.07.19] Feeling Your UFO/3. Aki no Kehai no Arpeggio.mp3   (8.22 MB)
Albums/[2009.05.13] just A moment/2. Hysteric phase show.mp3   (8.25 MB)
EP/[2015.09.02] es or s/01. SOSOS.mp3   (8.31 MB)
Demos/[2004] #3/1. Telecast no Shinjitsu.mp3   (8.34 MB)
Singles/[2012.11.14] abnormalize/1. abnormalize.mp3   (8.34 MB)
Albums/[2015.01.14] Best of Tornado/05. Souzou no Security (2015 Mix).mp3   (8.37 MB)
Albums/[2013.04.10] i'mperfect/2. abnormalize.mp3   (8.39 MB)
Albums/[2015.01.14] Best of Tornado/03. abnormalize.mp3   (8.48 MB)
TK/[2016.09.28] white noise/09. Tsumi no Houseki.mp3   (8.5 MB)
Singles/[2015.01.14] Who What Who What/01. Who What Who What.mp3   (8.51 MB)
Albums/[2013.04.10] i'mperfect/7. MONSTER.mp3   (8.53 MB)
Singles/[2014.11.05] Enigmatic Feeling/02. Dynamite Nonsense.mp3   (8.58 MB)
EP/[2015.09.02] es or s/02. Mirror Frustration.mp3   (8.64 MB)
TK/[2016.09.28] white noise/07. Showcase Reflection.mp3   (8.66 MB)
Albums/[2013.04.10] i'mperfect/4. Filmsick Mystery.mp3   (8.66 MB)
TK/[2016.09.07] Signal/03. unravel (acoustic version).mp3   (8.87 MB)
TK/[2014.08.27] Fantastic Magic/07. Dramatic Slow Motion.mp3   (8.88 MB)
TK/[2015.05.20] unravel (acoustic version)/01. unravel (acoustic version).mp3   (8.9 MB)
Singles/[2017.08.23] DIE meets HARD/03. DIE meets HARD (Koji Nakamura Remix).mp3   (8.9 MB)
Albums/[2009.05.13] just A moment/6. a over die.mp3   (8.91 MB)
TK/[2014.03.05] contrast/05. Namida no Tabiji.mp3   (8.92 MB)
TK/[2011.04.27] film A moment/01. introduction.mp3   (8.94 MB)
Albums/[2018.02.14] #5/09. High Energy Vacuum.mp3   (8.95 MB)
Singles/[2014.11.05] Enigmatic Feeling/01. Enigmatic Feeling.mp3   (8.99 MB)
Albums/[2007.08.22] Inspiration is DEAD/2. COOL J.mp3   (9.02 MB)
Albums/[2009.05.13] just A moment/3. Tremolo+A.mp3   (9.04 MB)
Albums/[2015.01.14] Best of Tornado/13. Enigmatic Feeling (2015 Mix).mp3   (9.07 MB)
TK/[2014.07.23] unravel/02. Fu re te Fu re ru.mp3   (9.08 MB)
Albums/[2005.11.09] #4/5. Acoustic.mp3   (9.14 MB)
TK/[2014.08.27] Fantastic Magic/02. unravel.mp3   (9.15 MB)
TK/[2012.06.27] flowering/03. haze.mp3   (9.15 MB)
EP/[2014.08.13] Chaotic Vibes Orchestra/02. SORA.mp3   (9.18 MB)
Albums/[2009.05.13] just A moment/4. JPOP Xfile.mp3   (9.23 MB)
Albums/[2007.08.22] Inspiration is DEAD/4. Knife Vacation.mp3   (9.23 MB)
TK/[2012.06.27] flowering/02. Abnormal trick.mp3   (9.24 MB)
TK/[2014.08.27] Fantastic Magic/04. an artist.mp3   (9.27 MB)
EP/[2015.09.02] es or s/04. Tornado Mystery.mp3   (9.28 MB)
Albums/[2013.04.10] i'mperfect/5. Sitai miss me.mp3   (9.31 MB)
Singles/[2012.11.14] abnormalize/2. make up syndrome.mp3   (9.31 MB)
Albums/[2015.01.14] Best of Tornado/01. JPOP Xfile.mp3   (9.33 MB)
Singles/[2008.04.23] Telecastic fake show/2. Reautomation.mp3   (9.33 MB)
Albums/[2010.09.22] still a Sigure virgin/9. illusion is mine.mp3   (9.34 MB)
TK/[2014.03.05] contrast/02. Dramatic Slow Motion.mp3   (9.35 MB)
Albums/[2013.04.10] i'mperfect/6. make up syndrome.mp3   (9.39 MB)
Albums/[2009.05.13] just A moment/8. seacret cm.mp3   (9.42 MB)
Albums/[2015.01.14] Best of Tornado/04. illusion is mine.mp3   (9.44 MB)
Albums/[2018.02.14] #5/08. DIE meets HARD.mp3   (9.44 MB)
Singles/[2017.08.23] DIE meets HARD/01. DIE meets HARD.mp3   (9.49 MB)
TK/[2014.08.27] Fantastic Magic/09. fragile.mp3   (9.54 MB)
TK/[2014.08.27] Fantastic Magic/01. Fantastic Magic.mp3   (9.55 MB)
Albums/[2010.09.22] still a Sigure virgin/8. replica.mp3   (9.56 MB)
Albums/[2010.09.22] still a Sigure virgin/2. Secret G.mp3   (9.6 MB)
Singles/[2019.07.03] Neighbormind - laser beamer/03. Neighbormind (Instrumental).mp3   (9.76 MB)
Singles/[2019.07.03] Neighbormind - laser beamer/01. Neighbormind.mp3   (9.76 MB)
TK/[2014.08.27] Fantastic Magic/08. Spiral Parade.mp3   (9.77 MB)
EP/[2015.09.02] es or s/03. Karma Siren.mp3   (9.78 MB)
Albums/[2018.02.14] #5/02. Chocolate Passion.mp3   (9.86 MB)
TK/[2014.07.23] unravel/01. unravel.mp3   (9.91 MB)
Albums/[2018.02.14] #5/07. Serial Number Of Turbo.mp3   (9.93 MB)
Singles/[2014.11.05] Enigmatic Feeling/Scans/IMG_0002.jpg   (9.99 MB)
TK/[2016.03.02] Secret Sensation/02. subliminal.mp3   (10.01 MB)
Albums/[2010.09.22] still a Sigure virgin/4. this is is this.mp3   (10.04 MB)
Albums/[2005.11.09] #4/10. TK in the Yuukei.mp3   (10.05 MB)
TK/[2018.11.21] katharsis/01. katharsis.mp3   (10.16 MB)
TK/[2018.11.21] katharsis/04. katharsis (Instrumental).mp3   (10.16 MB)
EP/[2006.07.19] Feeling Your UFO/4. Last Dance Revolution.mp3   (10.18 MB)
EP/[2014.08.13] Chaotic Vibes Orchestra/05. T.A.M.A NETWORK.mp3   (10.18 MB)
Albums/[2005.11.09] #4/3. Sadistic Summer.mp3   (10.2 MB)
Singles/[2008.04.23] Telecastic fake show/1. Telecastic fake show.mp3   (10.21 MB)
Albums/[2009.05.13] just A moment/7. Telecastic fake show.mp3   (10.26 MB)
TK/[2012.06.27] flowering/09. fourth.mp3   (10.28 MB)
Albums/[2007.08.22] Inspiration is DEAD/3. DISCO FLIGHT.mp3   (10.29 MB)
EP/[2014.08.13] Chaotic Vibes Orchestra/01. Animus.mp3   (10.32 MB)
EP/[2014.08.13] Chaotic Vibes Orchestra/03. Chocolate Disco.mp3   (10.35 MB)
Albums/[2010.09.22] still a Sigure virgin/3. Shandy.mp3   (10.38 MB)
TK/[2016.09.28] white noise/03. dead end complex.mp3   (10.41 MB)
Albums/[2015.01.14] Best of Tornado/02. Telecastic fake show.mp3   (10.45 MB)
Albums/[2015.01.14] Best of Tornado/06. DISCO FLIGHT.mp3   (10.47 MB)
Demos/[2004] Azayaka na Satsujin/2. TK in the Yuukei.mp3   (10.51 MB)
Singles/[2019.07.03] Neighbormind - laser beamer/02. laser beamer.mp3   (10.58 MB)
Singles/[2019.07.03] Neighbormind - laser beamer/04. laser beamer (Instrumental).mp3   (10.58 MB)
TK/[2016.09.07] Signal/02. Shandy.mp3   (10.59 MB)
Albums/[2009.05.13] just A moment/1. Hakaiyonoyume.mp3   (10.6 MB)
Albums/[2018.02.14] #5/03. Tornado Minority.mp3   (10.66 MB)
EP/[2015.09.02] es or s/05. end roll fiction.mp3   (10.66 MB)
Albums/[2009.05.13] just A moment/5. a 7days wonder.mp3   (10.7 MB)
TK/[2012.06.27] flowering/01. flower.mp3   (10.71 MB)
Albums/[2007.08.22] Inspiration is DEAD/8. I Not Crazy Am You Are.mp3   (10.72 MB)
EP/[2006.07.19] Feeling Your UFO/2. Kankaku UFO.mp3   (10.72 MB)
TK/[2016.03.02] Secret Sensation/03. ear+f.mp3   (10.73 MB)
TK/[2019.03.06] P.S. RED I/03 P.S. RED I (Instrumental) .mp3   (10.73 MB)
Singles/[2017.08.23] DIE meets HARD/02. I'm Machine.mp3   (10.73 MB)
TK/[2014.08.27] Fantastic Magic/05. tokio.mp3   (10.81 MB)
TK/[2019.03.06] P.S. RED I/01 P.S. RED I .mp3   (10.83 MB)
TK/[2019.10.02] melt (with suis from Yorushika)/01 melt (with suis from Yorushika).mp3   (10.83 MB)
TK/[2020.01.22] Chou no Tobu Suisou/03 - P.S. RED I (Live from (Bi-Phase Brain 'L side').mp3   (10.85 MB)
EP/[2014.08.13] Chaotic Vibes Orchestra/04. double pendulum.mp3   (10.86 MB)
Albums/[2007.08.22] Inspiration is DEAD/7. 1f no Kanshoku.mp3   (10.88 MB)
Albums/[2018.02.14] #5/01. Ultra Overcorrection.mp3   (10.9 MB)
Albums/[2005.11.09] #4/1. Azayaka na Satsujin.mp3   (10.94 MB)
Singles/[2019.04.18] Laser beamer/01 laser beamer.mp3   (10.95 MB)
Albums/[2007.08.22] Inspiration is DEAD/6. Akai Yuwaku.mp3   (10.98 MB)
TK/[2020.01.22] Chou no Tobu Suisou/02 - melt (with Kamano Ai Live from Bi-Phase Brain 'L side').mp3   (11.03 MB)
Albums/[2010.09.22] still a Sigure virgin/6. eF.mp3   (11.04 MB)
Demos/[2004] #3/2. Akai yuuwaku.mp3   (11.05 MB)
Albums/[2015.01.14] Best of Tornado/10. Azayakana Satsujin (2015 Mix).mp3   (11.15 MB)
Albums/[2010.09.22] still a Sigure virgin/5. a symmetry.mp3   (11.15 MB)
Demos/[2004] Azayaka na Satsujin/1. Azayaka na Satsujin.mp3   (11.17 MB)
Albums/[2005.11.09] #4/6. O.F.T.mp3   (11.17 MB)
TK/[2016.09.28] white noise/06. Secret Sensation.mp3   (11.26 MB)
TK/[2016.03.02] Secret Sensation/01. Secret Sensation.mp3   (11.27 MB)
TK/[2016.09.28] white noise/04. Addictive Dancer.mp3   (11.3 MB)
Albums/[2013.04.10] i'mperfect/8. Kimi Tooku.mp3   (11.37 MB)
Albums/[2018.02.14] #5/05. EneMe.mp3   (11.41 MB)
Albums/[2018.02.14] #5/04. Who's WhoFO.mp3   (11.43 MB)
TK/[2014.08.27] Fantastic Magic/10. contrast.mp3   (11.45 MB)
Albums/[2005.11.09] #4/7. CRAZY Kanjou STYLE.mp3   (11.5 MB)
TK/[2019.03.06] P.S. RED I/02 moving on .mp3   (11.56 MB)
TK/[2016.09.28] white noise/02. Wonder Palette.mp3   (11.61 MB)
TK/[2014.08.27] Fantastic Magic/06. Shinkiro.mp3   (11.65 MB)
Demos/[2005] Toshite/3. Sergio Echigo (LIVE in Takasaki Fleez).mp3   (11.68 MB)
TK/[2016.09.28] white noise/05. white out.mp3   (11.7 MB)
Singles/[2008.04.23] Telecastic fake show/3. 24REVERSE.mp3   (11.73 MB)
TK/[2014.03.05] contrast/01. contrast.mp3   (11.89 MB)
Albums/[2005.11.09] #4/4. Turbo Charger ON.mp3   (12.17 MB)
TK/[2016.09.07] Signal/01. Signal.mp3   (12.26 MB)
TK/[2016.09.28] white noise/01. Signal.mp3   (12.28 MB)
Albums/[2009.05.13] just A moment/10. mib126.mp3   (12.33 MB)
Demos/[2002] #1/2. Ling.mp3   (12.48 MB)
TK/[2016.03.02] Secret Sensation/04. like there is tomorrow.mp3   (12.49 MB)
Demos/[2003] #2/4. Ling.mp3   (12.53 MB)
TK/[2016.09.28] white noise/08. like there is tomorrow (album version).mp3   (12.54 MB)
Albums/[2018.02.14] #5/06. ten to ten.mp3   (12.69 MB)
TK/[2016.09.28] white noise/10. invalid phrase.mp3   (12.86 MB)
Albums/[2018.02.14] #5/10. #5.mp3   (12.89 MB)
Demos/[2004] #3/4. Boukan.mp3   (12.93 MB)
TK/[2020.01.22] Chou no Tobu Suisou/04 - Chou no Tobu Suisou (Instrumental).mp3   (13.8 MB)
TK/[2020.01.22] Chou no Tobu Suisou/01 - Chou no Tobu Suisou.mp3   (13.88 MB)
Albums/[2007.08.22] Inspiration is DEAD/9. Memories of Sunset.mp3   (14.15 MB)
Albums/[2005.11.09] #4/9. Boukan.mp3   (14.56 MB)
TK/[2014.07.23] unravel/03. Acoustic Installation.mp3   (14.65 MB)
Albums/[2015.01.14] Best of Tornado/15. Boukan.mp3   (14.87 MB)
TK/[2014.03.05] contrast/04. illusion is mine (Live from “December’s Calling”).mp3   (14.91 MB)
Albums/[2007.08.22] Inspiration is DEAD/5. am345.mp3   (14.99 MB)
TK/[2018.11.21] katharsis/02. memento.mp3   (15.03 MB)
EP/[2006.07.19] Feeling Your UFO/5. Sergio Echigo.mp3   (15.38 MB)
Demos/[2004] #3/3. Serujio echigo.mp3   (15.71 MB)
Albums/[2013.04.10] i'mperfect/9. Missing ling.mp3   (15.95 MB)
TK/[2012.06.27] flowering/05. white silence (album version).mp3   (15.99 MB)
Albums/[2015.01.14] Best of Tornado/14. Missing ling.mp3   (16.08 MB)
TK/[2012.06.27] flowering/07. film A moment (album version).mp3   (16.48 MB)
Albums/[2009.05.13] just A moment/9. moment A rhythm(short ver.).mp3   (16.7 MB)
Albums/[2015.01.14] Best of Tornado/07. moment A rhythm (Short Ver.).mp3   (16.9 MB)
TK/[2011.04.27] film A moment/02. white silence.mp3   (17.52 MB)
TK/[2011.04.27] film A moment/03. film A moment.mp3   (18.5 MB)
TK/[2016.03.02] Secret Sensation/05. white silence (at Billboard Live OSAKA 2015.7.20).mp3   (19.29 MB)
Singles/[2008.12.24] moment A rhythm/1. moment A rhythm.mp3   (38.56 MB)

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