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Albums/[200x.xx.xx] Can You Listen/cover.jpg   (4.75 KB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] Can You Listen/cover2.jpg   (6 KB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] NEXT STAGE Vol.1/cover.jpg   (6.52 KB)
Live/[2010.06.27] NAGOYA SAKAE/SPYAIR -2010.06.27 NAGOYA SAKAE-.JPG   (11.84 KB)
Singles/[2010.08.11] LIAR/liar.jpg   (25.87 KB)
Albums/[2015.11.18] 4/Cover.jpg   (26.24 KB)
Singles/[2012.09.05] Naked/cover.jpg   (27.04 KB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/cover.jpg   (29.58 KB)
Albums/[2013.08.07] Million/cover.jpg   (30.13 KB)
Singles/[2019.01.18] B-THE ONE/cover.jpg   (34.66 KB)
Singles/[2012.11.21] WENDY ~It's you~/cover.jpg   (38.22 KB)
Singles/[2013.03.13] Sakura mitsutsuki/cover.jpg   (38.83 KB)
Singles/[2011.08.24] BEAUTIFUL DAYS/cover.jpg   (40.19 KB)
Singles/[2013.05.29] Niji/cover.jpg   (40.45 KB)
Singles/[2012.06.27] 0.GAME/cover.jpg   (51.26 KB)
Singles/[2010.12.01] Last Moment/cover.jpg   (65.28 KB)
Collaboration/[2012.10.17] SEAMO X SPYAIR - ROCK THIS WAY/cover.jpg   (74.22 KB)
Singles/[2013.07.03] Genjou Destruction/cover.jpg   (76.3 KB)
Singles/[2019.04.03] PRIDE O FLIONS/cover.jpg   (78.29 KB)
Singles/[2014.05.30] Imagination/Cover.jpg   (85.17 KB)
Singles/[2018.07.25] I Wanna Be…/cover 1.jpg   (89.89 KB)
Singles/[2013.11.13] JUST ONE LIFE/cover.jpg   (92.12 KB)
Singles/[2017.03.29] Be with/cover.jpg   (94.31 KB)
Singles/[2011.06.08] Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot)/samurai_heart_some_like_it_hot.jpg   (99.1 KB)
Singles/[2016.07.13] This Is How We Rock/cover.jpg   (99.3 KB)
Singles/[2012.03.14] My World/cover.jpg   (108 KB)
Singles/[2018.07.25] I Wanna Be…/cover 2.jpg   (124.09 KB)
Singles/[2012.01.01] Movin' on/cover.jpg   (127.02 KB)
Singles/[2017.08.30] MIDNIGHT/cover.jpg   (134.83 KB)
Singles/[2016.11.09] RAGE OF DUST/Cover_01.jpg   (138.49 KB)
Singles/[2011.03.16] Japanication/cover.jpg   (150.37 KB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Cover.jpg   (171.29 KB)
Albums/[2011.09.21] Rockin the World/cover.jpg   (179.55 KB)
Singles/[2016.11.09] RAGE OF DUST/Cover_02.jpg   (187.8 KB)
Singles/[2015.07.22] Fire Starter/cover.jpg   (220.69 KB)
Live/SPYAIR_2.png   (260.56 KB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Cover_02.jpg   (296.07 KB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Cover_01.jpg   (308.24 KB)
Singles/[2020.07.18] INSIDE OF ME/Cover.jpg   (347.69 KB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Cover_03.jpg   (362.62 KB)
Singles/[2015.10.21] I'm a Believer/Scans/Cover 03.bmp   (544.98 KB)
Live/[2011.08.13] SOLD OUT/08 SOLD OUT -Interlude-.mp3   (648.4 KB)
Singles/[2015.10.21] I'm a Believer/Scans/Cover 04.bmp   (732.48 KB)
Live/[2011.08.13] SOLD OUT/01 SOLD OUT -Intro-.mp3   (1.77 MB)
Singles/[2015.03.25] ROCKIN' OUT/Cover.jpg   (2.03 MB)
Live/[2010.06.27] NAGOYA SAKAE/02 JAPANICATION.mp3   (2.62 MB)
Live/[2011.08.13] SOLD OUT/03 Just One.mp3   (2.68 MB)
Live/[2011.08.13] SOLD OUT/04 JAPANICATION.mp3   (2.83 MB)
Live/[2011.08.13] SOLD OUT/02 Last Moment.mp3   (2.85 MB)
Live/[2010.06.27] NAGOYA SAKAE/03 LIAR.mp3   (2.87 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] Can You Listen/08 Dead coaster.mp3   (2.9 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] NEXT STAGE Vol.1/05 Dead Coaster.mp3   (2.9 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] Can You Listen/07 It.mp3   (2.95 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] NEXT STAGE Vol.1/03 It.mp3   (2.96 MB)
Live/[2011.08.13] SOLD OUT/07 Dead Coaster.mp3   (2.97 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] Can You Listen/10 you'll never know.mp3   (2.99 MB)
Live/[2010.06.27] NAGOYA SAKAE/05 Dead Coaster.mp3   (2.99 MB)
Live/[2011.08.13] SOLD OUT/06 LIAR.mp3   (3.04 MB)
Singles/[2015.10.21] I'm a Believer/Scans/Cover 01.bmp   (3.07 MB)
Live/[2011.08.13] SOLD OUT/09 INCOMPLETE.mp3   (3.07 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] Can You Listen/09 This is the life.mp3   (3.09 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] Can You Listen/03 Music vibe.mp3   (3.12 MB)
Collaboration/[2012.10.17] SEAMO X SPYAIR - ROCK THIS WAY/02 SEAMO×SPYAIR - It's a Gloomy Monday.mp3   (3.15 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] Can You Listen/05 Heaven.mp3   (3.26 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] NEXT STAGE Vol.1/04 Heaven.mp3   (3.26 MB)
Live/[2010.06.27] NAGOYA SAKAE/08 OVER.mp3   (3.32 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] Can You Listen/06 Can you listen.mp3   (3.42 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] NEXT STAGE Vol.1/06 Can you listen.mp3   (3.42 MB)
Live/[2010.06.27] NAGOYA SAKAE/01 I'll be there.mp3   (3.44 MB)
Singles/[2015.10.21] I'm a Believer/Scans/Cover 02.bmp   (3.46 MB)
Live/[2010.06.27] NAGOYA SAKAE/06 Kanjou DISCORD.mp3   (3.47 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] Can You Listen/01 Hey you.mp3   (3.5 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] NEXT STAGE Vol.1/01 Hey you.mp3   (3.5 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] Can You Listen/04 White or black.mp3   (3.5 MB)
Live/[2011.08.13] SOLD OUT/05 Beautiful.mp3   (3.52 MB)
Singles/[2016.11.09] RAGE OF DUST/03 - RAGE OF DUST (TV size).mp3   (3.6 MB)
Live/[2010.06.27] NAGOYA SAKAE/07 SINGING.mp3   (3.64 MB)
Live/[2011.08.13] SOLD OUT/12 SINGING.mp3   (3.65 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] Can You Listen/11 Deep inside.mp3   (3.66 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] NEXT STAGE Vol.1/07 Deep inside.mp3   (3.66 MB)
Collaboration/[2012.10.17] SEAMO X SPYAIR - ROCK THIS WAY/01 SEAMO×SPYAIR - Rock This Way.mp3   (3.66 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 1/01 Just Do It.mp3   (3.74 MB)
Albums/[2013.08.07] Million/Disc 2/05 I miss you (Acoustic ver.).mp3   (3.74 MB)
Live/[2011.08.13] SOLD OUT/11 BEAUTIFUL DAYS.mp3   (3.82 MB)
Live/[2011.08.13] SOLD OUT/10 SAMURAI HEART (Some Like It Hot!!).mp3   (3.83 MB)
Live/[2010.06.27] NAGOYA SAKAE/04 TO.mp3   (3.88 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] Can You Listen/02 Breach.mp3   (3.89 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] NEXT STAGE Vol.1/02 Breach.mp3   (3.89 MB)
Albums/[200x.xx.xx] Can You Listen/12 Why.mp3   (4.04 MB)
Albums/[2011.09.21] Rockin the World/01 Rockin' the World.mp3   (4.09 MB)
Live/[2010.06.27] NAGOYA SAKAE/09 Just Like This.mp3   (4.2 MB)
Singles/[2012.01.01] Movin' on/01 Movin On.mp3   (4.32 MB)
Singles/[2010.08.11] LIAR/01 LIAR.mp3   (4.45 MB)
Singles/[2010.08.11] LIAR/02 INCOMPLETE.mp3   (4.86 MB)
Singles/[2010.08.11] LIAR/03 SINGING.mp3   (5.65 MB)
Albums/[2015.11.18] 4/07. ダレカノセイ.mp3   (6.19 MB)
Singles/[2015.03.25] ROCKIN' OUT/03 ROCKIN' OUT (inst.).mp3   (6.35 MB)
Singles/[2015.03.25] ROCKIN' OUT/01 ROCKIN' OUT.mp3   (6.46 MB)
Singles/[2012.06.27] 0.GAME/04 YOU 2.mp3   (6.52 MB)
Singles/[2014.05.30] Imagination/04.Trust your anthem (Inst).mp3   (6.65 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 1/06 No where, Now here.mp3   (6.66 MB)
Albums/[2011.09.21] Rockin the World/02 Japanecation.mp3   (6.68 MB)
Singles/[2011.03.16] Japanication/03 Just One.mp3   (6.7 MB)
Singles/[2011.03.16] Japanication/01 Japanication.mp3   (6.76 MB)
Singles/[2014.05.30] Imagination/02.Trust your anthem.mp3   (6.76 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 2/07 YOU 2.mp3   (6.77 MB)
Albums/[2015.11.18] 4/11. イマジネーション.mp3   (6.79 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 2/05. YOU 2.mp3   (6.79 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 2/01. Trust your anthem.mp3   (6.81 MB)
Albums/[2011.09.21] Rockin the World/05 STRONG.mp3   (6.84 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 2/06 Movin' On.mp3   (6.87 MB)
Singles/[2014.05.30] Imagination/03.Imagination (Inst).mp3   (6.87 MB)
Singles/[2014.05.30] Imagination/01.Imagination.mp3   (6.87 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 1/13. ジャパニケーション.mp3   (6.89 MB)
Singles/[2012.06.27] 0.GAME/03 MOVIN' ON.mp3   (6.92 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 1/08 Break Myself.mp3   (6.99 MB)
Albums/[2015.11.18] 4/08. EZ Going♬.mp3   (6.99 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 2/12. Just One.mp3   (7 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 1/02. イマジネーション.mp3   (7.01 MB)
Albums/[2013.08.07] Million/Disc 1/07 STAND UP.mp3   (7.02 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 2/06. MOVIN' ON.mp3   (7.11 MB)
Albums/[2013.08.07] Million/Disc 1/01 OVERLOAD.mp3   (7.14 MB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Disc 1/11. Goldship.mp3   (7.26 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 2/02 I'll Be There.mp3   (7.28 MB)
Albums/[2011.09.21] Rockin the World/10 Last Moment.mp3   (7.29 MB)
Singles/[2013.03.13] Sakura mitsutsuki/04 Turning Point (inst.).mp3   (7.3 MB)
Singles/[2010.12.01] Last Moment/01 Last Moment.mp3   (7.31 MB)
Singles/[2011.06.08] Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot)/01 Samurai heart (Some Like It Hot!!).mp3   (7.31 MB)
Albums/[2011.09.21] Rockin the World/03 Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!!).mp3   (7.31 MB)
Singles/[2012.11.21] WENDY ~It's you~/01 WENDY ~It's You~.mp3   (7.32 MB)
Albums/[2013.08.07] Million/Disc 1/02 Turning Point.mp3   (7.37 MB)
Albums/[2011.09.21] Rockin the World/06 LIAR.mp3   (7.38 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 1/07. WENDY ~It's You~.mp3   (7.4 MB)
Albums/[2011.09.21] Rockin the World/07 Stay together.mp3   (7.42 MB)
Singles/[2013.03.13] Sakura mitsutsuki/02 Turning Point.mp3   (7.44 MB)
Albums/[2013.08.07] Million/Disc 2/02 WENDY ~It's You~.mp3   (7.44 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 1/14. Last Moment.mp3   (7.48 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 1/12. サムライハート(Some Like It Hot!!).mp3   (7.48 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 2/04 Reset.mp3   (7.56 MB)
Singles/[2011.03.16] Japanication/04 Dead Coaster.mp3   (7.58 MB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Disc 1/07. BRING IT ON ~Battle of Rap~.mp3   (7.61 MB)
Singles/[2019.04.03] PRIDE O FLIONS/01. PRIDE OF LIONS.mp3   (7.61 MB)
Singles/[2011.08.24] BEAUTIFUL DAYS/02 Reset.mp3   (7.61 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 1/15. LIAR.mp3   (7.62 MB)
Singles/[2016.11.09] RAGE OF DUST/04 - RAGE OF DUST (inst.).mp3   (7.63 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 2/08. リセット.mp3   (7.73 MB)
Singles/[2011.06.08] Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot)/02 Crazy.mp3   (7.76 MB)
Albums/[2013.08.07] Million/Disc 1/11 16 And Life.mp3   (7.77 MB)
Singles/[2017.03.29] Be with/02.BRING IT ON ~Battle of Rap~.mp3   (7.8 MB)
Singles/[2016.11.09] RAGE OF DUST/01 - RAGE OF DUST.mp3   (7.81 MB)
Singles/[2010.12.01] Last Moment/03 ノンフィクション.mp3   (7.82 MB)
Singles/[2012.11.21] WENDY ~It's you~/02 Blowing.mp3   (7.83 MB)
Albums/[2013.08.07] Million/Disc 2/03 Blowing.mp3   (7.83 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 2/11. Dead Coaster.mp3   (7.85 MB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Disc 1/02. RAGE OF DUST.mp3   (7.86 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 2/10. Crazy.mp3   (7.93 MB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Disc 2/02. RAGE OF DUST [Acoustic Sessions].mp3   (7.94 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 2/15. ノンフィクション.mp3   (7.96 MB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Disc 1/08. Don't Look Back.mp3   (7.98 MB)
Singles/[2017.08.30] MIDNIGHT/02. The Way of My Life.mp3   (8 MB)
Albums/[2013.08.07] Million/Disc 1/06 Are You Champion_ Yeah!! I'm Champion !!.mp3   (8 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 2/03. Blowing.mp3   (8.04 MB)
Singles/[2018.07.25] I Wanna Be…/02. Hold It, Buster!! ~Battle of Rap~.mp3   (8.04 MB)
Albums/[2015.11.18] 4/01. ROCKIN' OUT.mp3   (8.07 MB)
Albums/[2015.11.18] 4/06. NO-ID feat.JASMINE.mp3   (8.09 MB)
Singles/[2013.05.29] Niji/02 Are You Champion_ Yeah!! I'm Cham.mp3   (8.17 MB)
Singles/[2020.07.18] INSIDE OF ME/01.INSIDE OF ME.mp3   (8.22 MB)
Singles/[2012.06.27] 0.GAME/02 Rock'n Roll.mp3   (8.22 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 1/02 Rock'n Roll.mp3   (8.22 MB)
Singles/[2013.11.13] JUST ONE LIFE/04 Radio (inst.).mp3   (8.23 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 2/05 Come On.mp3   (8.26 MB)
Albums/[2015.11.18] 4/03. アイム・ア・ビリーバー.mp3   (8.27 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 2/17. INCOMPLETE.mp3   (8.27 MB)
Albums/[2013.08.07] Million/Disc 1/03 Genjou Destruction.mp3   (8.3 MB)
Singles/[2012.03.14] My World/01 My World.mp3   (8.32 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 1/04 My World.mp3   (8.32 MB)
Singles/[2013.03.13] Sakura mitsutsuki/03 Sakura Mitsutsuki (inst.).mp3   (8.34 MB)
Singles/[2013.03.13] Sakura mitsutsuki/01 Sakura Mitsutsuki.mp3   (8.34 MB)
Albums/[2013.08.07] Million/Disc 1/04 Sakura Mitsutsuki.mp3   (8.34 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 1/10. My World.mp3   (8.34 MB)
Singles/[2012.03.14] My World/02 Come on.mp3   (8.4 MB)
Albums/[2015.11.18] 4/09. Someday, Somewhere.mp3   (8.43 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 2/07. Come on.mp3   (8.43 MB)
Singles/[2013.07.03] Genjou Destruction/01 現状ディストラクション.mp3   (8.44 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 1/04. 現状ディストラクション.mp3   (8.46 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 1/06. サクラミツツキ.mp3   (8.46 MB)
Albums/[2015.11.18] 4/04. COME IN SUMMER.mp3   (8.46 MB)
Singles/[2013.11.13] JUST ONE LIFE/02 Radio.mp3   (8.48 MB)
Albums/[2013.08.07] Million/Disc 1/08 Supersonic.mp3   (8.49 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 2/02. Radio.mp3   (8.49 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 1/12 Raise Your Hands.mp3   (8.56 MB)
Singles/[2015.03.25] ROCKIN' OUT/02 GLORY (Live at Zepp DiverCity 2014.12.30).mp3   (8.57 MB)
Albums/[2013.08.07] Million/Disc 1/09 Ameagari ni Saku Hana.mp3   (8.57 MB)
Albums/[2011.09.21] Rockin the World/08 Beautiful.mp3   (8.6 MB)
Singles/[2015.10.21] I'm a Believer/03 - I'm a Believer (inst.).mp3   (8.62 MB)
Singles/[2011.03.16] Japanication/02 Departure.mp3   (8.63 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 1/07 Stay Gold.mp3   (8.73 MB)
Albums/[2013.08.07] Million/Disc 2/01 STAR.mp3   (8.77 MB)
Singles/[2012.09.05] Naked/02 STAR.mp3   (8.77 MB)
Singles/[2012.09.05] Naked/01 Naked.mp3   (8.79 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 1/09 Naked.mp3   (8.79 MB)
Singles/[2015.10.21] I'm a Believer/01 - I'm a Believer.mp3   (8.8 MB)
Albums/[2011.09.21] Rockin the World/12 My Friend.mp3   (8.82 MB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Disc 1/10. C!RCUS.mp3   (8.82 MB)
Albums/[2015.11.18] 4/10. 4LIFE.mp3   (8.83 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 1/01. GLORY.mp3   (8.83 MB)
Singles/[2016.11.09] RAGE OF DUST/02 - My World (Live at SAITAMA SUPER ARENA 2015.12.22).mp3   (8.83 MB)
Albums/[2015.11.18] 4/02. ファイアスターター.mp3   (8.84 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 2/13. Departure.mp3   (8.84 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 1/10 U&I.mp3   (8.9 MB)
Albums/[2015.11.18] 4/12. Stand by me.mp3   (8.92 MB)
Singles/[2018.07.25] I Wanna Be…/03. I Wanna Be...(inst.).mp3   (8.92 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 1/08. Naked.mp3   (8.93 MB)
Singles/[2011.06.08] Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot)/03 LINK IT ALL.mp3   (9 MB)
Singles/[2015.07.22] Fire Starter/01. FIRE STARTER.mp3   (9.02 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 2/04. STAR.mp3   (9.02 MB)
Albums/[2011.09.21] Rockin the World/09 I miss you.mp3   (9.02 MB)
Singles/[2016.07.13] This Is How We Rock/04. THIS IS HOW WE ROCK (inst.).mp3   (9.05 MB)
Singles/[2018.07.25] I Wanna Be…/01. I Wanna Be....mp3   (9.1 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 2/03 Ai Yori Aoshi.mp3   (9.13 MB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Disc 1/06. THIS IS HOW WE ROCK.mp3   (9.14 MB)
Singles/[2019.01.18] B-THE ONE/01 B-THE ONE.mp3   (9.15 MB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Disc 1/03. MIDNIGHT.mp3   (9.15 MB)
Albums/[2015.11.18] 4/05. Far away.mp3   (9.21 MB)
Singles/[2010.12.01] Last Moment/02 哀より愛し (re-mastering).mp3   (9.22 MB)
Singles/[2016.07.13] This Is How We Rock/01. THIS IS HOW WE ROCK.mp3   (9.22 MB)
Singles/[2013.11.13] JUST ONE LIFE/01 JUST ONE LIFE.mp3   (9.23 MB)
Singles/[2013.11.13] JUST ONE LIFE/03 JUST ONE LIFE (inst.).mp3   (9.23 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 1/05 Little Summer.mp3   (9.24 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 1/03. JUST ONE LIFE.mp3   (9.28 MB)
Singles/[2012.06.27] 0.GAME/01 0 GAME.mp3   (9.31 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 1/03 0 GAME.mp3   (9.31 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 2/01 To.mp3   (9.31 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 2/08 Why (Accoustic Ver.).mp3   (9.33 MB)
Singles/[2015.10.21] I'm a Believer/02 - Imagination (Live at FUJI-Q HIGHLAND 2015.8.8).mp3   (9.34 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 2/09. LINK IT ALL.mp3   (9.35 MB)
Singles/[2011.08.24] BEAUTIFUL DAYS/03 Kanjou Discord (Live @ Shibuya Boxx 2010.12.3).mp3   (9.36 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 2/16. 哀より愛し.mp3   (9.4 MB)
Albums/[2011.09.21] Rockin the World/11 SINGING (album mix).mp3   (9.42 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 1/09. 0 GAME.mp3   (9.45 MB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Disc 2/01. サムライハート (Some Like It Hot!!) [Acoustic Sessions].mp3   (9.45 MB)
Singles/[2017.08.30] MIDNIGHT/01. Midnight.mp3   (9.49 MB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Disc 1/01. THE WORLD IS MINE.mp3   (9.53 MB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Disc 2/05. Stand by me [Acoustic Sessions].mp3   (9.61 MB)
Albums/[2011.09.21] Rockin the World/04 BEAUTIFUL DAYS.mp3   (9.78 MB)
Singles/[2011.08.24] BEAUTIFUL DAYS/01 Beautiful Days.mp3   (9.82 MB)
Albums/[2012.09.19] Just Do It/Disc 1/11 I want a place.mp3   (9.97 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 1/11. BEAUTIFUL DAYS.mp3   (9.99 MB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Disc 1/09. Brand New Days.mp3   (10.23 MB)
Singles/[2015.07.22] Fire Starter/02. JUST LIKE THIS 2015.mp3   (10.25 MB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Disc 1/04. スクランブル.mp3   (10.34 MB)
Albums/[2013.08.07] Million/Disc 2/04 Ø GAME (80KIDZ Remix).mp3   (10.42 MB)
Singles/[2010.12.01] Last Moment/04 Just Like This.mp3   (10.48 MB)
Singles/[2016.07.13] This Is How We Rock/03. U&I (Live at NHK Hall 2016.3.10).mp3   (10.5 MB)
Singles/[2013.07.03] Genjou Destruction/02 0 GAME(80KIDZ Remix).mp3   (10.57 MB)
Albums/[2013.08.07] Million/Disc 1/05 Winding Road.mp3   (10.77 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 2/14. Just Like This.mp3   (10.83 MB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Disc 2/04. Supersonic [Acoustic Sessions].mp3   (10.85 MB)
Singles/[2012.03.14] My World/03 BEAUTIFUL DAYS (acoustic version).mp3   (11.01 MB)
Singles/[2016.07.13] This Is How We Rock/02. JUST ONE LIFE (Live at NHK Hall 2.mp3   (11.34 MB)
Albums/[2013.08.07] Million/Disc 1/10 Niji.mp3   (11.45 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 1/16. あの頃、僕らは同じ未来を.mp3   (11.5 MB)
Albums/[2014.11.26] BEST/Disc 1/05. 虹.mp3   (11.53 MB)
Singles/[2013.05.29] Niji/01 虹.mp3   (11.57 MB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Disc 1/05. 君がいた夏.mp3   (11.58 MB)
Singles/[2017.03.29] Be with/03.Be with (inst.).mp3   (12.61 MB)
Singles/[2017.03.29] Be with/01. Be with.mp3   (12.79 MB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Disc 1/12. Be with.mp3   (12.84 MB)
Albums/[2017.10.11] KINGDOM/Disc 2/03. Be with [Acoustic Sessions].mp3   (12.9 MB)

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